Does this sound familiar?

You are a new entrepreneur. You are excited about what you are offering and all that money you are going to make. Then, your business starts to grow and suddenly you have to deliver what you promised. Or, when it doesn’t grow as fast as you imagined and you feel the wolf at the door. Or, you need to put money into your infrastructure, coaching, and biz development before you are making it. Out of the blue, things get scary. Girlfriend, I’ve been there.

Coach Julie's Inner Monster Saboteur stopping the flow of business building

My inner monster trying to stop my business building flow

Monsters suddenly pop up all over the place. These monsters have names like worry, fear, frustration, stress, and guilt. They grab our attention and throw us into fight or flight mode. Our creative, problem solving brain shuts down. The whole world is suddenly overwhelming and we retreat under the bed covers with a large bag of Lays BBQ Chips and a Diet Pepsi (maybe that’s just me?).

You see, building a business that is sustainable and sustains you requires developing strategies to deal with these little monsters when they take us out of the game.  Arguing with them doesn’t help – that just focuses your energy on the monster. Pushing them down only makes them stronger. One of the best, most effective strategies I know is a little bit of love-based transformation. I’ve used this tool hundreds of times with my clients and it works… EVERY SINGLE TIME.

How to transform the fear, worry, stress, frustration and guilt into…love.

  • Begin by identifying the emotion.
  • Notice where in your body you feel it.
  • Imagine it has a color, a shape, a temperature, a name.
  • Imagine the emotion becoming some kind of creature or being with eyes and a mouth.
  • Have a little conversation with your inner monster and list its top five most popular sayings. I’ll bet it’s something like “who do I think I am to…” or “Oh, no everyone will      think I am….”
  • Open your heart and blast  that little troublemaker with love.
  • Keep pouring on the love until it disappears.
  • Repeat as necessary.


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