Making More Money Miracles

I was the oldest of five children and I wore hand-me-downs from the neighbors. A huge treat was getting two new outfits for school every year. I loved visiting my grandmother, who worked for Buffums Department Store (I’m dating myself here) because she usually took us...

What Are Your Money Stories?

But no matter what marketing strategies, sales scripts or branding techniques you are putting into place, the story you are telling yourself about money is the greatest indication of your success. What are your money stories?

Get Rid of Disempowering Beliefs

To be truthful, I sometimes doubt myself. Just like everyone, I have saboteurs that jump up and undermine my confidence. They tell me I really should learn more or make more or coach more before I am good enough to build the business I’m building. And every time...

What’s Your Money Story?

I get a lot of really great info from other biz builders. I’m constantly learning and expanding my knowledge and experience so I can empower my Kickass Biz Coaching clients to experience more success. But no matter what marketing strategies, sales scripts or branding...

Love, love, love yourself!

When you are in the grip of doubt, worry and overwhelm, the best thing you can do for yourself is stop what you are doing and flood your body with love. ~Julie Foucht