That’s me in the hot seat!

That’s me in the hot seat!

I had a fabulous time last weekend with some of my favorite, sparkly coach buddies. We spent a lot of time Masterminding and reflecting on our own evolutions as coaches and CEOs of our own businesses. It was really evident the money mind-shifts we have all experienced as we’ve moved from fledgling entrepreneurs to successful business owners. It’s really satisfying to watch our clients do the same.

I’ve learned that at each stage of your business growth, your mindset will determine how much money you actually earn. A stuck mindset will end up costing you money. Getting unstuck is often uncomfortable and scary. But it’s really, really necessary.

When you first start your business you become a jack of all trades. You tell yourself “My business is small, my bookkeeping easy. I’ll save the money and do it myself”, “I’m smart and creative, I’ll take an online class and learn to set up my website myself”, “I know how to research, I’ll research marketing and do whatever my research tells me to do.”

All of those thoughts are true. But each one of those actions takes you away from doing the thing that you got into business to do: Serve your ideal clients using your unique gifts. How many hours do you waste on non-income producing activities when you could be making money?

(Want to dig deeper into how to change this? Read more here.)

I can give you a good estimate of the time. I’ve made that mistake. Even today, busy as I am (and I AM), I sometimes think, “Oh I don’t want to pay to have that done. I should just spend an hour doing that myself.” When the reality is that I can hire someone with much more skill to do it faster for much less than I can make if I spend the same amount of time doing what I’m skilled at – empowering my clients to change their mindset!

Fortunately, I’ve learned to recognize that little saboteur. He feels like a little bit of panic in my tummy. A little bit of the old, broke Julie showing up. I breathe and remember the truth.

The truth is that Money Comes to Those Who Treat It Well. Money wants to flow to you and through you. It wants to be well used, not tightly grasped. By doing all the things that make your business run yourself, you are sending a message to money.

You are saying, “Hey, I don’t trust you. I don’t trust you to show up when I need you. I don’t trust that I will have enough to pay experts to do the tasks I don’t do well. I don’t trust that I’ll have enough after paying an expert to pay my bills. Oh money, you’ve disappointed me before, you’ll disappoint me again.”

And money replies, “I don’t want to hang out with someone who doesn’t trust me. Shoot, I’ll go over there to someone who does.”

Now I can hear what you are thinking. “But I really don’t have the money to hire someone.” Yep – I’ve heard that one. The truth? You aren’t trusting money, why should it trust you? It’s not going to hang out in your pocket waiting to see if you will spend it well. It’s going off to see someone who will.

This may all be a little crazy – talking about money like it was a person. Money is actually just energy that we’ve assigned to little slips of paper. This paper signifies we are giving or receiving something of value. And energy attracts like energy, just like a magnet. Genuine gratitude displayed by giving someone money for something that is truly valuable to you will always attract more money to you.

Warning – paying your bills in fear and resentment will block the incoming flow. Sigh…I must learn to love paying taxes next! 🙂

Retooling your money mindset is deep work. We don’t know what we don’t know. Having someone to guide you, listen to you and challenge you with love and respect is a huge advantage. (I’ll tell you later how you can get a “Make Big Money” Complimentary Strategy Session where I’ll give you guidance to change your mindset.)

To get you started in the process:

1. Note what you are doing now in your business that could be done by someone else. (Don’t panic! Deep breath! You don’t have to delegate those tasks. Just note that you can.)

2. Note what feelings and thoughts pop up when you think about hiring someone to do those tasks for you. If your feelings are uncomfortable and your thoughts are disempowering, you are undergoing a saboteur attack.

3. Imagine how much more productive, profitable and easy your life would be without those tasks.

4. Ask yourself, how will I handle this in 5 years, 10 years? What will my thoughts be then? Act as if you already think that way and your thoughts will change. So will your money attraction.

5. Ask how would money want me to act? What is the best way to get money flowing in gratitude to me, through me and into the world so it can do good?


Want to dig deeper? I have a way for you to do that! Schedule a Complimentary “Make Big Money” strategy session at

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