Bend Over and Pick It UpAt the beginning of every year I take some time to reflect on the year just passing and to name my new year. One year my friend, Leslie, the money guru, mentioned that her sister had declared it the year to “Bend Over and Pick It Up”. It was such an elegant and simple principle that I immediately adopted it as my Life Rule #2.

Soon after, I started to notice more doors opening. People would offer assistance where none had existed before. Even the cats started pointing out ‘gifts’ that I hadn’t noticed before… not that I love finding spiders in the kitchen, but I do appreciate the notice.

I thought “Bend Over and Pick It Up” just applied to my habit of picking up change off the ground. But it became so much more.

Bend Over and Pick It Up means do the next right thing and stop fretting about what you are not doing. Pick up that task and give it 100% of your attention. When it’s done, Bend Over and do the next thing. 100% focus on one thing is much more effective than 25% focus on four things at once. That only makes for crazy faces and extra wrinkles in your forehead.

Bend Over and Pick It Up means that when opportunities show up -and they always do- you should explore them instead of dismissing outright because they don’t fit the current plan. Sometimes they are dead ended hallways. Sometimes they are shortcuts to what you really want.

Bend Over and Pick It Up means taking advantage of free offers (yep – just like the one I’ll be offering in just a minute). Now that doesn’t mean you have to take the wild-eyed elephant ride offered by the curator of the traveling circus in town. But you should consider the value it might give your life before making a decision.

Bend Over and Pick It Up means saying yes to offers of help. I know, you are woman who can do it all. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. As humans we thrive on community and connection. Offering assistance and accepting help creates a special kind of connection. And they give you the space to breathe!

And of course, Bend Over and Pick It Up means use coupons that show up, pick up change on the ground, taste the soup sample offered while you shop, and say YES, YES, YES to all the small, shiny miracles life offers you.

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