Puzzle_102913Whether you are in the business of making super hero capes or designing marketing materials for top women entrepreneurs, one truth holds true: As your business grows you will want, at some point, to hire a team. Unless you plan on giving up sleeping, you cannot do it all yourself and get bigger.

Hiring a team, either as employees or contractors, can fill many business owners with dread. What if you hire the wrong person? What if they just don’t fit with your business? What if they can’t actually do what you need them to?

Setting up a few parameters before you begin the interview process will lower the possibility of making a huge mistake.

Of course you will identify the necessary skill sets and education level for the position. You should also look at the team you have in your business and understand how the new person will fit.

Begin by looking at your personal behavior style. Be really honest with identifying your strengths and your weaknesses. Are you a big picture thinker or a detail-oriented manager? Do you focus on making everyone involved feel loved or is the bottom line the biggest motivator for you? Do you love ideas, people and events? Do you hate numbers and math? Do you love to research and find out every bit of data available on a subject?

The following quiz will help you identify your behavior style based on how other people see you:

People see me as being:
1111 a. Action Oriented
b. Relationship Oriented
c. Results Oriented
d. Facts/Data Oriented
When making decisions I’m all about:
a. The big picture, the vision, the fun
b. How people will feel
c. The bottom line
d. How the facts and data line up
Success is:
a. Coming up with a new idea to meet a challenge
b. Knowing that I did something that helps someone and makes them feel good
c. Getting more done that I originally planned
d. Solving a problem by collecting information and thinking it through
In my work I like:
a. Positive people and action
b. Peace and cooperation
c. Challenge and results
d. Organization and structure
I hate:
a. When people are negative and helpless
b. Conflict
c. Procrastination and laziness
d. Wasting time
Total a. _____   b. _____     c. _____     d._____
The letter with the highest number of check marks corresponds to your default behavior style.
a. Promoter
b. Supporter
c. Driver
d. Analytical
Now assess the other members of  your team and add up how many of each behavior style is present.
Often a business owner will hire people who act, think and respond just like she does. This results in an unbalanced team.
This may feel more comfortable. But when a bunch of people with the same set of weaknesses works together, certain important tasks can get overlooked. As the owner of your company, you will get a much bigger bang for your buck if you learn to hire people who are different. You will have to stretch out of your comfort zone to communicate well with them, but in the long run this will make you better able to communicate with your clients and build the 6+ figure business you are dreaming of.

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