121213-WaterImagine a beautiful glass water pitcher filled with clear, sparkling water. Now imagine that you want to add water to the pitcher from your garden hose. Soon the pitcher would be overflowing and the water running off into a ditch.

This image demonstrates what happens when you try to grow your business without growing your mindset. More opportunities, more money, more clients just don’t fit. They end up overflowing and getting lost in the sewers. To achieve your BIG, WILD, UNBELIEVABLE goals (and I believe you can achieve them) you have to stretch your mindset. Fortunately, your mind is not made of glass. It will stretch if you work it.

Below are seven tips to grow your mind in order to receive your dream biz.

1. Learn to recognize the voice of your inner saboteur. Use your body, emotions for clues that it is acting up. Do you feel tense and overwhelmed? Is your body droopy with guilt? Is your jaw clenched in fear over what could/ might/ possibly will happen? That’s all saboteur. Breathe and return to love.

2. Practice loving the child inside, allowing her to go play while the grown up you does business. A child doesn’t have the mindset to run an adult business, no matter how precocious she is. Take the keys to the Lexis/ Honda/ John Deer away from her.

3. Make a contract with yourself to practice the three attributes that will most help you achieve your dreams. Check in with what you most admire about your three favorite heroes. The common attributes will give you clues as to what to add to your contract.

4. Allow yourself to dream wildly, without limitations, as big and magically as you can.

5. Track the good stuff that happens. We are biologically programmed to notice the negative, teach yourself to notice the positive until the positive outweighs the negative.

6. Look for and celebrate your Points of Failure as the places for greatest growth. Be constantly pushing yourself to hit a place of failure. Hit that mark over and over until you achieve success, and then move to the next Point of Failure.

7. Create a toolbox of Happiness Triggers and commit to retrain your brain to respond with happy emotions. A happy mind is more creative, is better able to learn and retain information, and has enhanced abilities to problem solve. In other words, happy brains grow.

To grow your brain a bit more, think about these tips and share when they have worked for you. And share what other tips you’ve used to grow your mindset. Your comments here help everyone in the community grow.

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