012314-WandI remember when the movie “The Secret” first came out. A good friend brought it to my house and sat with me while we watched to make sure I caught all the good stuff. Do you think she knew I might put off watching until… I don’t know… I had watched every TV show ever produced? I remember watching and thinking, “Yes, but.. there is so much more to it.”

I knew, even then, that just good thoughts wouldn’t do the trick. And, on the surface, that seemed to be what people were getting out of the movie. Don’t get me wrong. I love that the movie got us talking. It brought some really amazing ideas into the forefront of discussions that many people had never had.

But this I know to be true: Just thinking good thoughts will not produce the thing you want.

I coach my clients on three key components. The first is creating a happy mindset. You know, think good thoughts! The second component and third components, create succulent strategies and take daily, inspired action, are where the magic of Good Luck and Manifestation happen.

Years ago I asked a woman how her business was doing. Her response, “I pray every day that God will build my business.”

“That’s great,” I said. “And then what are you doing?”

“I’m praying,” she said.

“But who are you telling about your business? Who are you selling your products to?”

“I’m not talking about it. I’m waiting for God.”

Palm to forehead!!!

No matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs are, you have to do your part.

So how does manifestation really work? First, you can’t manifest from the shallows. You know, that place where you want a new car because the neighbors all got new cars and you want to look good in front of everyone. You manifest from the deep, brilliant, core of your inner knowing. Having a solid, soul fueled mission for your biz guides you in setting your desire.

You have to be unapologetic about what you want to manifest. Be willing to step into it. Just like you step into your brand and are the face of your biz, step into the pride of manifesting all that you need. This includes manifesting money, clients, partners, ideas.

Third, be willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Sometimes it seems you have done nothing and things show up. Sometimes you are paddling like crazy to move your canoe. But it all happens because you are willing. You have taken the time to develop a strategic plan. You are putting your energy toward moving forward and taking action daily. And when you are willing, that’s when unseen help, unexpected coincidences, enchanted assistance all show up. That’s the magic.

At the Kickstart 2014: Business Mindset Makeover we are going to talk a lot more about manifestation. We will have a whole day to prep, set intention and put some elbow grease into making magic happen. I invite you to join us.

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