Hand-with-HeartsEvery belief has two sides. One side is based in fear and makes you feel overwhelmed, stressed, worried and sometimes even panicked.

The other is based in love. It makes you feel happy, joyful, and peaceful. It sends chemicals into your brain that make you more creative, thoughtful and magnetic. That feeling of happiness is the first key to success, so choosing to believe in the side of love has a proven effect on your bank account, health and impact.

The great news is that we get to choose our side. Any belief is simply a pattern of thought carried on a pathway in our brain. And because those pathways are always subject to growth and change, we can change them.

Think about it this way if you held up your hand, the front side represents love beliefs, the backside represents fear. You choose which you’re looking out by simply flipping your hand over. Love or fear?

So let’s say another coach walks into the networking event I am attending. I can choose to respond in fear thinking, “She is going to poach my clients! She’s going to take all the clients available!  She’s going to take all the profits! And then I’ll be out of business!!” And I can spiral down into my own fear induced hell.

Or, I can choose to believe that there are people in the room that she is meant to help and there are others that I am meant to empower. I can choose to see that she is also here to serve others and this makes the world makes it a better place for all of us. I can choose to believe in abundance and collaboration.

This perspective takes practice. I’m not always great at it. Sometimes I just suck. I need a talking to.

I might say to myself: “Listen sweetie, everything is just fine. There is enough. I need to be here for the people I’m meant to serve, she needs to be here for the people she is meant to serve. There is enough (clients, money, everything). I love you, so let’s have some fun.”

I recognize that my fear is about not having enough. I know the reality is that there is enough. So I turn my belief to love  and wish the other coach well.

And I’m back in my happy place.

It’s not just me working on creating love based success. Gathered below is a bit of wisdom from a full room of brilliant biz women that I recently had the honor of working with:

  • I create authentic connections that bring value to people’s lives when I attend networking events as a person of love.
  • My newsletter/blog is easy to write when I come from love and share the real me.
  • I can reach people who are not in my backyard and who need what I offer when I use social media respectfully and effectively.
  • I honor others by freely sharing what I know when I speak publicly.
  • When I set my rates to support my life, then I’m able to stay in business and support my clients.
  • My success makes others successful.
  • The world is changing in a positive way and I’m part of it.

Feel free to use these beliefs and share your own beliefs for a happier, more successful biz below.

With much love, Julie!

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