kickassbiz1Creating a Kickass Business begins with a compelling vision, not just of your business, but of how you want to live your whole life. Your business is an expression of who you are and what lights your fire. But it’s not the totality of you.

You are much more than just an entrepreneur, you may be a wife, sister, mother, daughter, girlfriend, auntie, community volunteer, teacher, playmate, or yogi. You could be a pet parent, grandmother, exercise junkie, or artist. You are probably many of these and more. And each area of your life is important. Each area affects every other.

After all, what good is it to build a really successful business if all the other areas of your life suck? That’s not what I want for you. I suspect it’s not what you want either.


The first step of building a Kickass Biz is to step back and see your whole life. The wonderful parts that continue to shine brighter and the not-so-great bits as well.

Then step forward and envision that life five years in the future the way you want it to be. Imagine that you have a time machine that will take you to your best and highest future. To a time and place that fills you with joy, happiness and peace.

Your inner saboteur may try to stop you. He’ll warn you that such a paradise can never really exist. That by dreaming, you are just setting yourself up for disappointment.

Let your saboteur know that you hear him. That you understand his concern. That this dreaming is just dreaming (for now). Fill your body with love. And step out of your time machine into the world of your dreams.

Give your vision life by sharing a piece of it (or the whole thing) with us below.

Use the chart below as a guide to create your vision.


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