My life can feel a little crazy lately. My husband took a job three hours away from our home about a year and a half ago. So I spend half my time in a little town just outside of Yosemite to be with him and the other half in our home near the California Coast so I can hang out with my baby granddaughters.

Literally, one week here, the next week there.

I pack my office into one tough little computer bag and off I go.


Which is why LEVERAGE has become my new best friend.

With my schedule I don’t have time to mess around. You know what? Neither do you!

You are on a mission. You need to get your message out there into the world in the most effective way, so that your perfect clients can find you. ASAP!

Once you are clear on your mission – why you do what you do, who you serve and how you serve them – it’s easy to craft your message.

Here is my process:

I start with the message. What is it that my tribe is telling me they most want to learn? What do they need from me?

I’ll write a short article. Short – because my peeps are busy women, just like me. If I’m having trouble writing, I’ll take my iPhone and go for a walk. I pretend I’m telling a client or treasured friend all about my topic and record it into the notes app. I then email the note from my phone to my computer, do a quick edit and ta da!!! A complete article, in my own voice, without my little writer’s block saboteur interfering!

Next, I post the article to my blog, add it to my newsletter that get’s emailed to my amazing list of peeps and I post it to a couple of article directories.

But that’s not all.

There is more leverage to be had! (A moment of transparency here: I don’t always do all of these things. But I aspire to!)

A few key sentences and a link to my blog get posted to facebook.

The article is emailed to my Networking groups through their eblast syestems.

Key points are pulled from the article and posted to facebook throughout the week.

New for me: Key points are now being made into banners on great pictures and posted to Pinterest.

The article is used to inspire conversation with my Success by Design Business Coaching Group.

And I’m incorporating the articles in my training manuals, signature talks, video trainings and, someday, into a book project.

I know there are always more ways to leverage. I’d love to hear how you are leveraging! Please leave me a note.


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