magnetI hear you!  You have a vision.  You love what you do.  The only thing missing is more clients.  Enough clients to create long-term sustainable income.

So how do you become a Super Shinny Client Magnet?

Here is the secret recipe I teach all of my clients. It’s equal parts happy mindset, succulent strategy, and daily inspired action. Miss any one of the three ingredients and you end up paddling upstream.

The first step – get happy. 20 year of study have shown that happiness fosters success in every area of life. The chemicals produced in a happy brain enable you to think more creatively, learn faster and solve problems more easily.

Plus, people like being around happy people.

Next, sit down with a calendar and map out 2 or 3 really succulent strategies that you can implement for your unique business. Put dates on the calendar of when each strategy is due. (i.e. when newsletters go out, when your networking is, etc.)

What do I mean by succulent?

A succulent one feels good to you. It may push your comfort zone and create butterflies in your tummy. But in your core, you know that it is a strategy that your tribe will respond to.

Succulent strategies, in this day and age, include some social media engagement – do some research and choose the sites your perfect tribe frequents. And since everybody is on Facebook, plan to spend some focused time on Facebook each day engaging with your tribe.

Succulent strategies also include networking. Get out and meet people face to face. Book speaking engagements where you share your valuable wisdom with your tribe.

Succulent strategies include a way for you to keep in touch with your potential clients. That perfect group of people that you would love to work with, and who need what you offer. A courtship campaign where you lovingly continue to share your wisdom and knowledge, keeping you top of mind. This can include value packed newsletters, postcards, complimentary gifts, online and offline events and more. Your imagination is your only constraint.

Finally, you must take action. Creating a powerful, soul-centered mission statement will get you moving even on your most lackluster days. It is one of the keys that I see in successful businesses.

Having a calendar with deadlines for your strategies also helps keep you in action. There is no time for the “What should I do today” blues. You simply refer to the calendar for reference.

And an accountability system is a must. Who do you report your progress to? Who do you have to keep you on track? A work partner, a coach or a mastermind group are all great accountability partners.

That is the cliff notes to becoming a shiny client magnet. Stay tuned, I’ll be digging deeper into each of these over the next few issues.

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