So here is what happened. I planned this online event to be a combo of chit chat, hair tips, child managing and biz strategy.

And then I tried. But I couldn’t stop talking about business. I mean, seriously! These are experts that I love and admire. How could I not spend the majority of my time with them mining all the details I could about their area of expertise?

I hope that you got as much value as I did.  Here’s a recap of the best of the best.   Please share your favorite tip from the series in the comments below.

catrice big Catrice M. Jackson, BOSSLady of Branding: Creating a brand that lets you step out in the world and shine, and attract more clients, starts with figuring out your soul’s purpose. Ask who am I? What am I here to do? Who am I here to serve. These questions create the foundation for your brand.Connect with Catrice at:

rachel big Rachel Karl, Social Media Architect: One is the deadliest number in business. Never depend on just one client, just one marketing strategy, just one computer. Keep your customer pipeline (what I call Romancing the Prospect) filled, no matter how busy you may be. You never know when that one customer will close up shop.You can find Rachel at:

jessica big Jessica Kupferman, Lady Business Radio: Break up with the thing that says “I have to be liked.” Create systems that work for your business and stick to them. People will try to bypass your system in order to look more important. As a business woman it’s vital to hold the line.Jessica hangs out:

heather big Heather Jernigan, The Launch Queen: The key to getting it all down is to block out time on your calendar for each task. Then give yourself permission to be in the moment. If you have an inspiration for something else – that’s ok. Go for it then go back to your schedule.Join Heather at:

tracey big Tracy Tobler, Financial Psychic & Marketing Strategist: You attract abundance by connecting deeply with the core of who you are, and being brave enough to show that in the world.Meet up with Tracy at :

melissa big Melissa Stacey, Organization Mastermind: Streamlining  your processes (use checklists!!!) creates consistency for your clients, saves time, reduces errors and eliminates much of the overwhelm of being a biz owner. Start with the things you do daily and the areas that create breakdowns for you or your biz.Melissa hangs out at:

ana big Ana Poirier, Lead Diva at Yoga Body Nutrition: YOU are your best investment. You are the “face” of your business. If you are not 100% dealing with health issues, body image, and how you feel daily, your clients and customers WILL notice. You will be less inspired, creative, capable, profitable and magnetic.Spend time with Ana at:

kimberly big Kimberly Reyes, Super Connector & Master Networker: When you enter a networking event, pause. Assess the room. Find 2 to 3 people who are the opposite of you and take time (real time) to connect with them. If you are only connecting with those most like you, you miss 50% of the population!Chill with Kimberly at:

julie big Julie Foucht, Your Kickass Biz Coach: Change sales pitches to invitations. First, find out enough about your prospect to know if you can serve their need well and if you like them. Only if you can answer yes to both questions, make an offer for them to work with you.Connect with Julie at:





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