maddieMaddie holds up the glossy green pinwheel and blows on it. Her baby blue eyes light up when it spins. I can see the wheels spinning in her 2 ½ year old brain as well.

She wants it.

“Can I take this home?” she asks, truly curious about the possibility.

Simple, straightforward, asking for what she wants.

Maddie has perfected the art of the asking. I suspect most of us were very capable of stating what we wanted at that age. That even no answers were quickly forgotten as we lived in the moment.

When did we lose that ability to ask? How can you revitalize it to pump up the sales and create the business you are dreaming of?

In business it sounds like this, “Would you like to hire me?”

A great question that most of us cringe when we think of asking.

In all honesty, sometimes it makes me cringe. When I have spoken with a woman that I really want to work with. Someone who is brilliant, talented, and fabulous and I just know we will great fun launching them to the next level in their biz. I get that little voice in the pit of my stomach… “Maybe I won’t have to ask the question. Maybe she’ll just offer up her credit card without the invite.”

Yeah, right. Because that happens all the time. (Said in my sarcastic voice)

What I see in the world is a lot of people talking about their business. They talk about the products and services they sell. They talk about the results clients have gotten. They may even go the next step of talking about what they can do for the specific prospect they are chatting with.

Then they stop.

They never get to the critical question.

“Would you like me to help you achieve that result?”

“Are you ready to get started?”

What stops them? I have a theory that it’s fear. Fear of being told no, fear of sounding pushy, fear of being labeled a… gasp… salesman!

But seriously!! If you are in business for yourself you must become a salesman. After all, you have to sell something to make money and stay in business.

And many times, the prospect is just waiting to be invited in.

Three steps to getting the sale:

1)    Determine that what you offer can meet the prospects needs.

2)    Outline to the prospect what they will gain when you meet their need.

3)    ASK the question, without expectation, “Are you ready?

Lovingly practice in front of the mirror, “Are you ready?” And keep asking when you are with a prospect. You might just be surprised at who says “YES!”

BONUS: Other questions to practice:

  • May I offer you a complimentary strategy session to discuss how my video production company/ book writing course/ alligator taming training can help you get more of what you want?
  • May I give you a complimentary subscription to my eNewsletter full of tips and tools?
  • Would you like a copy of my new eBook/ video class/ MP3 training absolutely free?

Me to Youif you secretly say yes to any of these questions, send me a quick email and I’ll tell you how to get the Kickass Biz version. Honestly, I’m inviting you in!

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