yikesYikes! I’m stepping into something pretty big.

You see, I was issued a challenge.

And I don’t resist challenges.

Especially when it’s something I secretly want to do anyway.

So I said yes.

And now… I’m having a little saboteur time. Not because I can’t do this. But because it requires me to ask for help, collaboration and feedback.

“Holy trolls and goblins, Batman!” (Yep… an actual Robin quote – I looked it up)

(****check out the bottom of this email for a way to grow your asking muscle*****)

While I’m asking I’m learning some things.

  • It feels good to reach out, even thought my saboteur has tried to convince me that it won’t.
  • It feels awesome when people say yes.
  • It doesn’t kill you when people say no. It doesn’t even really hurt.
  • It creates connection that bring light and laughter into my life
  • People LIKE to be asked! It makes them feel important and valued.


I’ve acquired some pretty good friendships because I reached out and asked for help. I’ve learned some pretty amazing things from those I’ve asked. And I’m able to bring more value to my tribe as a result.

So here’s the deal:

As a solopreneur you often feel like you are in it all alone. You think you have to do everything by yourself.

And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING! Bookkeeping, marketing, networking, graphic design, product creating, social media, bookings, client work, follow up, newsletter, windows… and the list goes on.

How do I know this about you? That’s how I used to feel and it’s how many of the women who hire me feel.

It’s as if, by admitting we need help, we are labeling ourselves as failures.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In order to grow your Kickass Business you absolutely MUST learn to ask for help.

Sometimes that help will come to you for free, sometimes you pay for it. Often (like in my upcoming challenge) you can exchange value for value.

Learning to ask for help when you need it will free you to do what you do best. It will allow you to apply your gifts in the best way possible to bring the greatest value to the world. And it lets you uplevel your business to create more profits in your pocket.

Getting started is simple.

  1. Figure out what you most need help with.

Is it completing tasks that you could do, but fall outside your area of genius like bookkeeping, bathroom cleaning, or updating your website?

Is it a big project that requires more than one person’s brain and energy?

Is it something that you have no idea how to tackle but really, really want to do?

  1. Determine your budget for getting help. Measure this in terms of time, money and energy. It may not cost much money to get your kids to clean the bathroom, but it may be more cost effective in terms of time and energy to hire a housekeeper.


  1. Consider the benefit to you. When I hired someone to do my books, I freed the time to take on two new clients. I had done my own books and my husband’s books for years. So I’m competent. But it’s not my area of genius. Financially and psychologically I’m way ahead on that deal and I don’t have to deal with balancing the numbers every month.


  1. Make a list of who you might want to enroll in helping. If you don’t have an actual person in mind, make a list of attributes you want your helper to have. (Smart, funny, able to leap tall buildings…)


  1. Draft your request. Explain clearly what you want, what they get and what the next step will be.



  1. Start asking!

Now it’s my turn to challenge you.

What is it that you could use help with? What projects are sitting on your desk because you haven’t gotten up the courage to ask for help?

Post what you are asking for help with on www.facebook.com/kickassbizcoaching and let us support you!


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