OOPS!Wow what the summer.  I’ve been studying podcasting, setting up my at-home radio studio, and recording the Ms. Kickass Biz podcast while serving my fabulous clients and having park dates with Maddie and Keirin.

One thing I’ve discovered is that all six figure the biz owners are just like everyone else.  We all put on our pants the same way every morning (OK, truth be told,  many of us work in our PJ’s all day and put on our pants just before our spouses come home.) All of us have saboteurs that occasionally creep in and try to trip us.  And we’ve all made big mistakes.

But the most fascinating thing is that many of those failures are universally shared!  So here is a little heads up all about the mistakes I’ve uncovered so you can avoid them in building your own passion driven money making kick Ass business.

Read about the Five Biggest Biz Failures 

1. Hiring the wrong business coach.  Or investing in information products instead of investing in a coach.

I’ve done this.  For a long time I had the viewpoint that I could take the information and do it myself.  I have a file box full of notes, handouts, and cool strategies that never got implemented.

What I’ve personally discovered, is that the value of have been an unbiased outsider, someone who has been where you are and can lead you to the next step, who can hold you accountable shift your perspective and teach you to implement those wonderful strategies is priceless.

At this week’s guest, Devoni Freeman, said “working with someone that has achieved the level of success you want can help you get there with the least amount of the failures and wasted time.”

Oh, and you’ll also make more money a lot faster.

2. Allowing fear to hold you back. Brand new biz owners have a lot of fear. So do 6-figure earners. I’m told that 7-figure earners also have fear. Big earners step boldly into that which they most fear.

When you allow fear to take over, you stop yourself from sharing your best gifts. Your energy turns sour and clients stay away.

The reality is that you are an expert on something and you know it deep in your bones. Your peeps are waiting for you to share that expertise with them. They don’t care about perfection, they don’t care about what you don’t know (yet). They need what you have so and get out there and share it.

(I get fired up about that one!)

3. Not doing what you love.

You can, with the right spin, make anything appear to fit your passion. When I worked in a Network Marketing company I could say that I loved helping women make money, I loved the personal growth and sense of community. I could spin it like no one’s business.

But there was something missing for me. It was using my inner knowing to create something of value didn’t exist in the world before.

I loved the company and people, but I ended up feeling exhausted and uninspired.

When you step into doing the thing you love, whether it’s training dogs, coaching women entrepreneurs or painting Italian landscapes on dining room walls, you end each day feeling tired but super happy. You can hardly wait for morning so you can do it all again.

4. Focusing too much on one client, contract or product. Because when that contract leaves, so does your income.

Keeping your marketing flowing during your busy time is just as vital as when you are desperate for work.

5. Looking at failure as failure. Actually, this can be called the anti-failure. The one thing I hear over and over when I ask high level earners about their big failures is “I don’t really consider this a failure, but….”

Successful people use the principal of ‘failing up’. Failure is the point at which the most learning can occur. I recently worked through a Point of Failure in my business with my coach.

First, we walked through the series of events. Then we dug deeper into the specifics. I had sent an email to start a campaign. So we looked at how many people got the email and how many opened it.

I had a good open rate, which showed that my subject line was good. (Yeah me!)

Then we looked at how many people responded to the call to action. Not many.

Now I’ve successfully used that call to action before, so I knew that wasn’t the failure.

Finally, we tracked the failure to the body of the email.

Now I know, to Fail Up, I need to rewrite that email and try again.

Can you relate to any of these? Please leave a comment and let us know what your biggest biz failure is, and what you’ve learned from it.

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