This week’s episode meant so much to me personally. Susan has had a huge impact on my business and introduced me to some of my very favorite people. And I’ve fallen in love with Strategy!

Doing a Google search for “business building strategies” resulted in over 300 million results.


Overwhelmed yet?

You don’t need to be.

Building a Kickass Biz means choosing the most succulent, successful strategies based on your personality, skills, intuition, ideal client and your unique business offering. Then crafting them into a plan that is as unique and authentic as you are.

The Six Steps to Creating Succulent Strategies

love1Step 1: Learn to identify the clues your body is giving you about what works and what doesn’t.

Our society has taught us to pay attention only to the messages of our intellect. We ‘think’ with our heads and tend to ignore what is happening in our guts and our hearts.

But our bodies provide an invaluable tool of assessment. If it feels heavy, full of struggle, like trying to paddle upstream against a strong current, then it’s NOT the right strategy for you.


Step 2: Research how other successful entrepreneurs in your field are building their businesses.

While your marketing plan will be unique and tailored just for you, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel. Learn from others what works, then adapt it to your biz.

Step 3: Find out where your ideal client hangs out and start hanging out there.

Create relationships with those people you want to serve before you ever try to sell them anything. Find out what they want, where they usually get it, and what they are willing to pay to have it.

love2Step 4: Map out your plan.

Design your offerings. Create systems to support your work. This is the nuts and bolts, the unglamorous and necessary work of success.

Step 5: Form accountability partnerships.

As a new entrepreneur you often feel like you are out there all alone. It’s important to have people to hold you accountable.

Your friends and family mean well, but they love you and are often very willing to let you slide. Good accountability partners push you forward, point out your flaws and support you in a spirit of love and respect. Accountability partners might be MasterMind Groups, mentors or a Biz coach whose commitment is to support you in achieving your goals.

Step 6: Review your plan monthly and test against your results. Edit as necessary.

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