featureDo you want to Uplevel your business? Yea, of course you do… but … uh… what exactly does that mean?

When I first heard the word upleveling I was intrigued. As someone who makes up her own words (and songs- it’s not pretty) fairly often, I loved this brand new word that encompassed exactly what I wanted for my business.

But then I had to experience what it meant.

Upleveling, at a basic level, is simply moving your biz (or anything) upward to the next level.

For me it meant:

  • Upping the service I provide clients by getting much clearer on my niche
  • Upping my knowledge and expertise so I can provide more value – lots of study, events, and working with experts at a higher level
  • Upping the quality of my marketing – a steep learning curve filled with frustrations, then celebrations, then frustrations, then ….
  • Being willing to get real and get public in the big, wide world (Hello podcast world!)
  • Stepping into my wisdom and genius and outsourcing the rest – an exercise in letting go
  • Getting my Kickass on – a challenge of vulnerability, courage and freedom
  • Creating a whole new community of support and friendship with those at my new level
  • Oh… and upping my income J

It also meant:

  • Risking pissing people off as I got more real
  • Letting go of clients who I loved, but no longer fit my biz
  • Friendships that faded as I moved on
  • Stepping out of organizations that held my heart, but I no longer had time for

The upside and the downside.

I suspect that each time I uplevel I will have to go through the same thing. And so will you. So why do it?

Because upleveling, with all the frustration, walking through fear, stepping into your own power, joy and wisdom brings happiness. Humans are programed to reach forward, to expand, to learn and grow. And your business is a reflection of you. So grow it.

Plus, the money ain’t half bad!

Next week I’ll give you a little worksheet to help you uplevel, so stay tuned.

What do you think? Is upleveling a good thing? Or is it just a pretentious new word to be avoided at all costs?

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