Hanging out with my granddaughter and my husband.

Hanging out with my granddaughter and my husband.

The other day on Facebook someone asked, “If my income and success are reflected by the people I hang out with most, what are my chances of success if I hang out with my 5 year old daughter most of the day?”

I LOVE that question. What do you think?

Here is my take: When you hang out with the toddler/preschool/elementary school set you get to see the world through fresh eyes. Suddenly bubbles are amazing creations. Everything is fresh and new. Life is full of unknown possibilities.

You become willing to try new things and when you fail, you just pick yourself up and try again. And you learn from each time you try. Like maybe going down the slide headfirst is not the best idea!

But that doesn’t stop you from turning around and enjoying the slide feet first.

Imagine running your business from that place of wonder, of knowing there is no failure only opportunities to adjust your posture. What would be possible for you?

But there is more that the toddler set can’t give you.

It’s important to find ways to be around people who are where you want to be. To get support, encouragement and the occasional loving kick in the butt to keep you going.

Even if you spend most of your time at home with the kids, or in front of your computer, you can still find ways to interact with people whose success you want to emulate.

Five places to hang out so you can grow your biz:

  1. With a coach, mentor or advisor who has traveled through the biz territory you are currently covering and is in the place you aspire to.
  2. Mastermind groups, online and in the real world, with people who are willing to love you, push you, share their expertise and listen to yours.
  3. Social media groups. But only those that are community centered, willing to share ideas, ask questions and get to know you.
  4. Podcast, YouTube and on-line classes. Places where you can listen in on the conversation. Be inspired. And learn what you need to grow.
  5. Live events, workshops, conventions and networking groups. Anyplace you can find the people who are ahead of you in their biz growth.

Your turn: How do you find people to engage with that will inspire your success?


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