zombieWhenever we become fearful, stressed or overwhelmed our survival instincts take over. The lower brain, responsible for survival, is activated. Higher thinking stops and we wander around slobbering, desperate for the next client to show up and chasing away every sane person for miles around.

We become Zombie CEOS.

I know that you’ve felt this. At various times I have too. The trick that successful entrepreneurs employ is to feel the zombie emotions, then move to a state of love.

Love always wins.

For women, a big trigger is being willing to invest in themselves and their business. They (we) think, “Am I good enough? I don’t have the money. I need to put my kids needs and wants first.” And we deny ourselves the very thing that will help us grow our businesses faster.

Turn this to love and it sounds like this: “I believe that what I offer has value to the world. The most loving thing I can do is invest in the resources and assistance to get my products, programs and skills out to the people who need me and are waiting fast. The most loving thing is to trust myself and my value. The most loving thing is to teach my kids by example that their dreams and hopes are important, by making mine important. I will find a way to lovingly make this happen.”

Once you are trusting in your value, and being loving toward yourself, the rest falls into place. Asking for the sale (another really scary thing) becomes making an invite of service. You find that offering an invitation to join you is much more loving than teasing someone by telling them all about the wonderful things you, or your product, can do for their lives and then never offering them the chance to purchase.

And sometimes real love is about saying “I’m not the right person to serve you, but let me introduce you to my friend Joe. Joe is an expert.”

Then there is the fear that comes as your business starts to grow. You become more visible and you are asked to play at a higher level. And all the beginning fear pours back. You think, “Do I really want this? Maybe small is good enough.”

Again, ask the question, “What is the most loving thing to do?” And allow the answer to bubble up from the deep, true place in you where love lives.

Whenever fear hits, go back to love. What is the most loving thing you can do today for your Kickass Business?

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