permission to say yesI’m done! Over it! Feeling a little whiny about it.

I know, not good for someone who talks about happiness as the first key to a kickass biz!

I can handle the holiday decorations going up in the great retail temples… I mean… retail stores of our nation on the day after Halloween.

I can handle the holiday music being piped into every venue (on a limited basis).

I can even handle the commercials (who could have guessed that Kmart is offering layaway plans?? For the 736th year in a row?).

But I don’t want another person giving me permission to say no.

It’s a valid argument that many women don’t know how to say no.  But frankly, I’m getting a little sick of it.

What about giving ourselves permission to say yes?  Yes to the things and people that bring us joy.  Yes to more happiness.  And yes to work that we revel in. And yes to lots of money.

Yes to attending events that will push us to grow. Yes to teachers who show up to assist us in moving forward.

Heck… yes to a party or two where we can unwind, relax and be with real people! Not just the make-believe ones on our TV.

Here is what I’m advocating for the holidays. Say yes to attend at least one party, more if the people bring you great joy.

Say yes to a night on the town, enjoying the lights and the anticipation.

Say yes to at least one day of window shopping and people watching at the mall. It’s a mad, mad, mad time of year. And so much fun to observe.

Yes to more smiling and wishing people a wonderful day.

Yes to more dreaming about what the next year might bring.

Yes to taking a little time to reflect on all the amazing clients who I’ve been honored to work with this year. And to send a little thank you thought to the amazing leaders who have inspired me.

Yes to finding ways to infuse more love in my business, more value to those I serve and more joy to my tribe.

I’m advocating the season of YES! (And I’m betting you will fill your time with enough joy-inducing yes that it will be easy to say no to the ones you don’t want to do.)

What will you say yes to?

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