nwj1I’ve been doing a lot of inner work this week.

You see, I’m in the stage of implementing my 2015 vision. I’m evaluating my systems, what works and what doesn’t; looking at how to be more effective with my team; assigning projects to bring plans into reality; and so much more.

Which brings up a lot of inner doubt, fear and overwhelm.

And delights me!

Because if I’m not on the edge of what I don’t know, I’m not pushing myself enough. I’m living in the center of my comfort zone and that will not serve my bigger vision.

Think about the last time you tried something new.

You probably felt a lot of those same feelings; doubt, fear, overwhelm.

Then you did it. And, possibly, did it again. The more you practiced, the better you got until eventually it become normal. Part of your comfort zone.

As humans we are designed to strive for more. To question and grow and learn.

Nothing in my experience has pushed me to grow more than building a soul-driven business. It truly requires you to do the inner work while implementing the outer strategies.

As business owners we are caught in the constant tension between being comfortable and growing. Between safe and daring. Between the vision we hold of our ideal life/ business and the little voice inside that says “who do you think you are?”

So I’m issuing a challenge that takes in both sides of your business. Growing your mindset of success and implement strategies for growth.

It’s not my idea originally. It comes from Eleanor Roosevelt.

Each day for the next 30 days, do something in your business that scares you.

It could be something small like picking up the phone and following up with one prospect whose been on your list for a while.

Or something huge like reserving the resort for a client retreat.

Just one thing, then go back to business as usual.

At the end of 30 days, not only will your mind have new pathways that delight in pushing the comfort zone, but your business will have grown in amazing ways.


And please share what you are up to! What are you doing that scares you?

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