be youThis month I’ve been talking about BE-ingness. How BE-ing happy, BE-ing authentic, BE-ing powerful will lead to more success and fulfillment in your business… and the rest of your life.

I was reminded this weekend that part of BE-ing means looking at where you are hiding in fear and lifting the veil to truly engage with those you are meant to serve.

Hiding takes lots of energy. It keeps you from focusing fully on the clients you are serving. It keeps you small and safe.

And isn’t that what everyone wants on their headstone? “She stayed small and in her place!”


I didn’t think so.

This is a hard email to write because I keep thinking that I’m going to have to reveal some things about myself and and I really don’t want to.

I keep thinking ‘can’t I just tell you to be a real and honest and authentic and keep myself hidden?’

But I know it doesn’t work that way.

I did a lot of hiding in my first marriage.  And all it got me was unhappiness, illness, and being broke. So I’m lifting my own veil.

Big breath here…

I believe that coaching, especially coaching heart-centered, women entrepreneurs on building a business that not only makes a lot of money, but fills them with joy, is a spiritual practice.

I use all my spiritual gifts when I’m coaching. In both the mindset and the strategy parts of my business.

I tap into the spiritual plane during coaching calls and ‘read’ what is not being said. I lead my clients into discussions with their highest selves, the part that is connected to their highest power, in order to make decisions. Occasionally, I’ll even pull out a Tarot deck or my Animal Totem book to guide the coaching.

And I merge this with the practical, straight line strategy of making a business profitable.

And I’m terrified that you will judge me for it. But I’m saying it anyway because I hope that it will free you to step out of the shadows.

Begin by ask yourself, “how am I hiding because I am afraid?” Afraid of judgment, ridicule, the chance that you’ll embarrasses yourself? Afraid you won’t be understood, or you will be shamed?

And how does that cost the people you are meant to serve? And how does that cost you in terms of the energy it takes to hide? The joy you lose by not sharing all of you?

I encourage you, with great love, to come out. Do not let fear hold you captive. Stop hiding. Be you. The world needs you.

The first step is to share. What are you no longer willing to hide about yourself?


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