crownIn April I spent a week at the New Media Expo in Vegas, a weekend with family in Nevada City, then two days with the Conscious Business Network masterminding around business.

That is a lot of miles on the car, and on my brain. I’m so excited by all the new info and ideas that I can’t wait to share them with you so you can apply some of this to your own Kickass biz.

This is just a quick bullet point list, so let me know if you want more info on any of the ideas or strategies in this list. (email me at or schedule a time to talk here) Let’s chat about how you can apply these tips to your biz!

  • If you blog, send newsletters, post to social media, make youtube videos or podcast you are a content creator. Start thinking like one. No more random content.
  • Content should entertain, educate, inspire. If all you post is “buy my product/services” you won’t gain much traction. Ask:
    • Is this relevant to my tribe?
    • Do they want/ need this?
    • Does it matter?
    • Do I care about this?
    • Do they care about this?
    • Is it on brand
  • Even your sales copy should be written to inspire or educate. It will have much greater value.
  • At the core we are nothing more than problem solvers. Find a problem your ideal clients suffer from, and solve it for them. Then find the next problem….
  • Which leads to a really cool solution to a problem that people who create audio have been suffering from. Before this, if we wanted to post audio to Facebook we had to add visuals and make it a video. But now there is Clammr, the app that lets you post clips of your favorite audio to Facebook and Twitter. Even if you don’t create audio – check it out. Ubercool!
  • Pinterest has 25% of the retail referral traffic. If you are selling products, get your little tushy set up with a Pinterest account.
  • Images act as shortcuts when sending a message. We think in pictures and translate into language. Use visual clues as often as possible.
  • Infographics grow traffic 12% better than ebooks or white pages. If your free gift on your website is one of these –turn it into an infographic or photo album.
  • Finally, your business is yours. If a strategy doesn’t make you excited, don’t do it – even if all the experts say you should. There are plenty of other strategies you can put in place that will thrill you and grow your biz.