If you’re on Facebook you’ve likely seen the latest status update asking friends to post how you met, but to not tell the truth.

This has been one of the most engaging post on my Facebook page in … well… forever! My friends are so creative. Here are just a few of the hundreds of answers I got.

jennJen is always good when you need to be bailed out! Hehehe

deniseThose clown car adventures!

angieUnicorns, bunnies and zebras! OH MY!


Why were over 100 people so willing to lie to me?

I realized, as I laughed over this world we all made up together, that it’s not about the lie.

It’s about the story.

According to Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D., “Stories set the inner life into motion… Story greases the hoists and pulleys, it causes adrenaline to surge, shows us the way out, down, or up, and for our trouble, cuts for us fine wide doors in previously blank walls, openings that lead to the dreamland, that lead to love and, that lead us back to our own real lives…” Women Who Run With the Wolves

Stories are integral to human existence. We crave stories. The telling and hearing of stories. As humans, we never tire of a good story.

Stories need to be a part of every bit of content you create because they pull people in and create a bond with you. They make sure your audience is listening, so when are ready to sell something, they want to buy.

A great story contains three parts, the conflict, the resolution and the outcome. Everything revolves around these three parts.

The next time you write a blog post, or a sales letter, or a social media post start by asking,

“What is the story I want to tell?”

“Does it have a conflict or problem to be solved?” (Perhaps your client’s biggest pain. Or maybe just a rainy afternoon that needs some giggles.)

“Is there a resolution to the problem?” (A service or product you can provide to solve.)

“What will be the outcome?” (Happily ever after… or not!)


Happy creating!


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