You know that I love TV right? So there’s no shame in admitting that my latest binge watching show is the Almighty Johnsons.

You might not know the show because it’s an export from down under. According to the shows mythology, the Norse gods fled Scandinavian thousands of years ago and are hiding out in Australia. For some reason they lost most, but not all of their God powers. The four Johnson brothers, and their never aging- stoner grandpa, are on a quest to regain all of their God powers.

The funny thing about God Powers is that the brothers just have them. They show up on their 21st birthday in a flash of lightning.

They don’t have to go to an exclusive school, have special training or work really hard at their powers. The powers are part of who they are.

The Almighty Johnsons is fiction. But you have your own business Superpower – fact not fiction.  And once you understand your Superpower, it can help you to grow your business and your income faster, easier, and with more fun.

Your superpower is that thing that you do that is so easy you don’t even notice you are doing it, but other’s think is amazing.

It is part of your essence.

You couldn’t not do it if you tried.

I’ve been asking the question and getting answer like: Compassion is my super power… or tenacity… but I think those are features of the deeper thing.

You are born with some innate ability, some skill that is so wrapped into your beingness that you often can’t see it until someone outside of you points it out. It is embedded in a deep part of you that is beyond words. This is the thing that makes you unique and it is the edge that you need to fulfill your mission.

Understanding your superpower can help you:

  • Define your mission
  • Express your brand
  • Design your marketing
  • Outline the delivery of your services and products

I’ve started to outline what I’m discovering about superpowers and how to use them. Below are the 6 classes of superpowers I’ve discovered.

Pathfinders have the ability to see the right path to create the result they want in the midst of chaos. They are great at making people feel held and safe in navigating solutions.

Architects are masters of taking lots of separate pieces and fitting them together to make a comprehensive plan or product. They can see all sides of a problem and create solutions that everyone can agree on.

Seers have sonar vision. They see what is not shown and hear what is not said. Tuning in helps them to determine exactly how to solve the pain their clients are suffering from and empower their clients to overcome hidden obstacles.

Visionaries see the really big picture of the best that can be. They can free the greatness in others through their own belief in happily ever after for everyone.

Rain Makers often seem like magic workers. Their brains make connections very quickly and so they are able to achieve results almost immediately. They work hard, but to outsiders, it looks effortless. Rain Makers have the ability to out-think any opposition or obstacle and bring that ability to the table for their clients.

Fire-starters are the ones who get people all fired up and working toward a common cause. They can amass an army of followers easily and often create big changes quickly.

If you’d like more info about the superpowers, request a copy of my super powers outline. And I’d love to know what your superpower is or, if you can identify a power that I haven’t discovered yet.


To Infinity and Beyond, (quote from Buzz Lightyear)


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