I had no idea the direction this conversation would with take when I asked Amethyst Mahoney to be the first guest on Biz Women Talk.  What I did know is that with Amethyst you’re always going get the raw real deal. And she brought it!

Born in the Deep South, in very poor and broken family, at the age of 12 Amethyst sat up all night with a loaded gun and contemplated suicide. Instead, she decided to grow up and create her own business where she could help others have great lives.That day she made a deal with herself to never consider suicide again.

In this show Amethyst talks about that day and what she did to survive.  And how she turned surviving into thriving as a Spiritual Badass who helps other spiritual practitioners make money.

Amethyst and I talked about:

  • Shifting from been a psychologist to being a Spiritual Badass
  • Turning your hobby into a viable business
  • Finding your purpose through your passion
  • Uncovering the hidden money beliefs that may be sabotaging your prosperity

Connect with Amethyst:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SpiritualBadass

Website: www.BeASpiritualBadass.com/

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/SpiritualBadass/


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