I love Susan Liddy. What’s not to love? The woman lives, breathes and teaches Loved Based Business strategies. If you are tired of pushing sales based on fear, feeling overwhelmed and want a more heart-centered, joyful way of doing business, this is the episode for you.

Susan was my coach for two years and is responsible for guiding me in growing to a substantial income level while staying sane and having fun. There is nothing but love in this episode! Susan is the CEO of Susan Liddy International, a global emotional intelligence business coaching company, founded in 2004.Susan shows coaches who are struggling to get clients and on the road to burn-out, how to harness the power of their emotions to get clear and confident, connected with their heart-centered mission, and how to use Love-Based Marketing strategies to more easily find and enroll clients that they LOVE and who they are truly meant to serve.

Connect with Susan:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LifeCoachSusan 

Website: http://www.susanliddy.com/ 


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