It’s still summer in my mind. But the kids are back in school and the trees surrounding our mountain home are starting to drop their leaves.

My inner child is crying out, “NOOOO. I still want to play!”

As my business grows, I’ve become more aware of how important it is to take time off to play. A day hiking in Yosemite or playing at the beach refreshes my spirit and energizes me when I return to work. Last week I took a 4-day weekend to visit family in Seattle and purposely left my computer at home.

But even these measures are not enough.

I’m being called to bring more play into my workday as well.

What does this look like?

Not only does it include taking regular breaks to play with puppy-cat, but also infusing more of what I love into the actual day-to-day work:


  1. Choosing to work on strategies that feel like “Wheeeeee!” instead of “Ugh!”.  
  2. Delegating repetitive, basic tasks to team members (like loading this newsletter to be sent). 
  3. Infusing innergame work into strategy planning sessions with my clients. 
  4. Dancing during client calls… and my client dances with me to shake the cobwebs out of any subject.
  5. Playing during live events, like a recent client mastermind on the beach complete with a hula hoop contest.
  6. Bringing ritual, sacred money, energy and feminine power into my mastermind calls.
  7. Laughing with my guests on “Biz Women Talk”, my monthly podcast.

This makes me wonder. What would happen if we all brought just a touch more play into our work days?

Would the world be a brighter place?

Want to join me in finding out?


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