Caleb with dragon

“My dragon can fly faster than your dragon!”

I was with my 3 year old grandson this weekend. I gave him two stuffed dragons. He immediately handed one back and excitedly said, with a gleam in his eyes,  “Let’s fight!” A lot of dragon roaring and wrestling commenced, along with comparisons of who had the sharper claws, the bigger teeth and fastest wings. This is a perfect example of masculine energy.

If I give my granddaughters a stuffed animal they will hug it, give it a bowl of play plastic ice cream, and tuck it into bed for a nice rest. All very nurturing and feminine.

It reminds me that these energies are inborn and natural. While we all have both feminine and masculine sides, one tends to dominate.

What is really coming clear is that sales is very masculine energy. It’s direct, linear and frequently aggressive. As women, this energy often feels uncomfortable.

It’s much easier for us ladies to experience the sale as an act of service where we get to give something that our client values and wants.

Here’s the rub: Service has two sides. One without the other creates a huge imbalance that affects all the other areas of our business, our life and, ultimately, our planet. It just throws everything out of whack and causes all sorts of problems.

The first side of service is giving.  Most of us, as women, are great at giving. It’s part of our genetic makeup.  As the part of our species that gives birth we biologically inclined to care for others. This is good. Without it we might leave those babies laying around unattended.

It’s also great for our clients. They want to feel cared for. They want to discover great service and products. They want to receive the best we can provide. And it feels so good to show our products and be able to deliver it  to them.

The other half of services is receiving. Just like a coin has a front and a back, and no matter how often you shave off one side it will always have a front and a back, real service always includes both giving and receiving. So the ability to receive is as important as the ability to give.

When we refuse to receive by discounting our service or giving it away free, then those we are meant to serve suffer. It actually diminishes their ability to receive from us. And the number of clients we are able to give to goes down.

Opening ourselves up to receiving will provide more opportunity to give, to serve more people. To make a bigger impact on the world. And to welcome the profits that will inevitably follow.

Expand and deepen your ability to receive  by reaching out and asking for help. Ask friends, family, colleagues to refer you. Ask prospects to work with you. Ask clients to pay your full value.

Give by loving the little girl within you, supporting your peers, giving your very best service to your clients and spreading happiness.

With much love,


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