Is this ever you?

During the day you put on your fearless entrepreneur mask and pretend. When asked how business is, you respond, “Great! Everything is great!”

But alone with your thoughts you feel invisible, frustrated and lost.

I used to feel this way a lot.

I had to change the way I thought, get out of my own way, and give birth to a new way of being before I could say “Everything is great,” and really mean it.

As women, we learn to get by. We are conditioned to take care of everyone else first and, then when everyone is good, we get the leftovers. We undervalue our services so our clients can ‘afford’ us. We take care of our families, then stay up all night to finish a project. We work a job so we can pay our bills and work our business in the cracks between family, boss and community.

And we suffer in silence, because that’s what we’ve been taught.

For all our claims of women’s empowerment, of the idea that we can do it all, we can’t.

-The world will be saved by the western woman.-The Dalai Lama said “The world will be saved by the western woman.” And yet, how can we save the world when we don’t even make enough money to pay ourselves?

The truth is, we cannot save the world until we first save ourselves.

This starts with creating opportunities in our lives to look inward. Deep in every woman’s soul is the seat of power. Deep in every woman’s body is the womb of creation.

When we look inward we encounter our wounds. Those pieces of ourselves that we shy from. “That is too painful,” we think. “I’m over it. I will not be a victim by remembering.”

And yet, there is power in remembering. It’s not about living in the feelings of the wound, but acknowledging that “Yes, I was wounded. And when I was wounded, I learned a skill that helped me go forward.  I can use my skills to heal myself, my family, the world.  I can use my skills to help my clients to heal”

Deep in our womb an idea takes form. When we are ready, we give birth to the idea as a business, a product, a process, a service. The idea becomes real, takes shape, and has a life of its own. The idea, born of our own profound longing for wholeness, is part of us. And pursuing the idea, launching the product, building the business honors us.

Whatever you are dreaming, do it. Stop hiding because you are afraid, feel that you are unworthy, or have to have help from someone else.

Do it. Save yourself. Give life to that wanting to be born. Sell the heck out of it. Make money gladly.

Do it. Be part of saving the world.

With all my heart,







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