It’s been a magical  week.

The magic  started last weekend at the Magic Kingdom Disneyland with FOUR princesses!! We were blessed with laughter, looks of awe, and lots of glitter.


Tuesday, I recorded two magical podcast interviews to be aired later in the year. We invoked the unicorn spirit (Unicorn: someone who is unique, special and loves to dance to their own rhythm) and deeply explored what it means to be a spiritual, feminine woman in business today.

Finally, I was gifted coaching calls with two amazing mentors. I was called to step more into my “High Priestess” energy and “Kickassedness”. As I described my vision for the growth of my company in the coming year, I felt a sureness that I haven’t felt in a while. A deep knowing welled up inside me that 2016 will be a magical year.

Not just for me. But for my tribe as well. (I’m seeing the signs already!)

The energy of the world continues to transform. A new awareness is opening to us.

The Divine Feminine is rising up to take her place alongside the Divine Masculine in the world. But with her, comes the shadow. You can see the result in many of today’s TV comedies: the dad is stupid, the men are immature, and the women roll their eyes at the absurdity of men.

This shadow is born of fear, resentment and anger that women continue to be treated unfairly. That women continue to be paid less for the same work than men. That women leaders must put on masculine masks in order to be promoted. That women are criticized for the quality of their voices, and the value of what they are saying is overlooked.

Frankly, all those things piss me off! I also feel the shadow of resentment  in me.

But the answer is not to diminish men. Most of them are pretty great people.

The answer is to integrate the masculine and the feminine within us, to honor both, and to allow each their own place in building our business and creating a life of joy and contribution. When we do this internally, it is reflected out into the world. And as more and more people join in this work, we will eventually reach a tipping place.

The world will be a more fair and balanced place for people of both sexes.

From our feminine comes creativity, connection to others and to our higher power, and magnetism. Our masculine provides a container for delivery of our gifts. The masculine actually serves the feminine in this way.

In business this translates as  our feminine providing our branding, our mission, our ability to attract clients, and the first vision of our products and programs. The masculine creates strategies, implements plans, drives us to take action, and keeps us accountable.

One, without the other, makes business troublesome and  difficult.

Are you willing to step more fully into your power? To awaken the Goddess in you? To enter into a marriage between your feminine and masculine energy? Are you willing to make 2016 magical? The year you finally go full on in your business? Make 6-figures? Create more time to spend with princesses!?

Is 2016 the year you live your dream?

Will you join me in this quest to be more “Kickassed”?

Believing in you,










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