Wow! I can’t believe this year is almost over. Can you?

2015 has been a wonderful, fulfilling, sometimes painful, stretch of a year. I named 2015 My Year to Shine. I expected big, shiny things to happen. I thought this would push me out of any shadow I was seeking to hide in so I could stand, fully visible in my truth.

I was jazzed.

My Year to Shine

But a funny thing happened.

Opportunities quickly showed up to challenge me… it takes guts to be fully visible and my inner child didn’t think the risks were worth it. I joined a network of high earning, conscious business entrepreneurs. I attended 4 retreats with them over the year and never once spoke in front of the group. Honestly, I was a little intimidated.

I was caught in the grip of my inner saboteur showing up with tons of comparisons.  Some of my thoughts included, “I’m not as good as ____________ . She has a fabulous system in place.” “Why is my business not making as much as _____________ when we graduated coaches school at the same time?” “Why does _________________ get so much mic time? They must like her better than me.”


I recognized this as an ugly habit that not only could erode my self-esteem pretty quickly, but would also keep me from sharing my gifts. And making the income goal I set for myself.

I also saw that this was a great gift if I took it. I dug in and began to examine the thoughts. What was I believing that allowed these thoughts, and the resulting icky feelings, to surface? Once I found the beliefs, I asked, “Is this real?”

I asked for help. Through the program I was assigned an amazing Board of Directors – 3 fellow biz goddesses who were willing to support me, not only in my biz growth, but also in creating new and better beliefs. I made friends at the retreats and created collaborative relationships where they help me and I help them.

I created new beliefs.

This is what I know. My programs can’t be compared to anyone else’s. They are perfect for my tribe and the clients I serve, even as they evolve and get better. My business can’t be compared to anyone else’s because I am me, with my own design, my own life school and my own purpose. And mic time? Well, that comes when you stand up and speak.

While the comparison period was hard, it also led me to step more powerfully into knowing, without a shadow of doubt, what I was made for. It’s made me a better person and a better coach, and pushed me out of my comfort zone.

I know that when I connect with my Higher Self, the part of me connected to source, and let source flow through me, that I am unstoppable. I know that I am supported internally by a powerful divine masculine drive which supports the work of my divine and creative feminine.

I know and see the same in you.

The thoughts that hold you back are simply old beliefs. The procrastination, the fear, the self-doubt, the perfectionism… they are all just distortions thrown up by the saboteur within you to keep you small and safely hidden.

They are not real.

What is real is that you were made for a reason. You have within you the blueprint to do great things. You’ve been on this earth preparing. It’s time, my dear, it’s time to step into your power. To stop hiding and step into the you you are meant to be.

And I wonder what the world would be like if we all let go of our masks and let our Highest Selves shine?

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