I’ve seen you arrive in your proper suit, with your nice business cards and professional smile. Just like everyone else in the room.

Or you could be a little like me. Refusing to wear a suit, but still putting on your ‘professional’ persona. Still not quite all you.

You have a secret that we both share, your inner rebel.Newsletter Jan 28 (graphic1)

She is not like everyone else. She is different. She chafes at the confines of conventionality.

She is part 13-year-old girl, just finding her way into adulthood, part wise old crone who has lived long enough to know that fitting in leads to a perfectly normal life.

And she wants more.

She wants extraordinary.

She wants to step out of the shadows and share her divine purpose.

She wants her life to have meaning.

She wants to profoundly serve those in her tribe in a way that changes their lives for the better.

She wants to do her part to change the world. To make the world kinder, more peaceful, filled with love and laughter. To heal the planet so our children and our grandchildren will experience the wonder of gazelles in the wild and whales singing in the chorus of oceans.

We are, all of us, called to let our inner rebel soar. To step out of the confines of conformity that we’ve been taught are the keys to success.

No doubt, you can create success by pushing harder than anyone else along the ‘proven’ path.

But that will eventually wear you out and tank everything you’ve built.

What I want for you, for me, for us, is a different path. The rebel entrepreneur who chooses to express her unique qualities with confidence and bravery; to be different than anyone else.

I’m frankly sick of doing things the same old way … and getting the same old results. Are you with me here?

Because forging your own path is what creates massive income. (Think Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey.)

But we all know, releasing this inner rebel brings up a lot of fear. I know, because I’ve never coached anyone who hasn’t expressed the fear that standing out is just not safe.

Your voice of caution says, “People might not like you, they might say bad things about you, they might not want to hire you, they might even stone you!”

Yep- I hear that voice screaming at me every time I let my inner rebel do something out-of-the-box. But I do it anyway. Sometimes I fail massively. Sometimes I’m successful. But always, I learn something about how I can better serve my tribe and the world.

The first step to releasing your inner rebel is to know what you stand for. Who are your people, the ones you would stand back to back with in a knife fight? The ones who bring tears to your eyes when you think about their successes/ their struggles? What will you do for them? What is your mission?

Second: Study and learn from the rebels that came before you. What did they do to create change? What are the how-tos of their best marketing strategies? See what worked then tap into your inner knowing to tweak those strategies for your business.

Third: Find a mentor, coach or accountability partner who will call you out when you want to shrink back into safe and small. Someone who sees your brilliance even when you don’t.

Fourth: If you haven’t reserved your seat yet for the Magical Biz Builders Playground please do so now!

I’m inviting all inner rebels to show up to create a biz that massively increases their income in 2016.

Together, we will explore what it means to do business differently. You will discover what your soul- driven mission is, you’ll awaken the high priestess entrepreneur within you, and you’ll discover how traditional marketing strategies can turn magical when feminine and masculine energies work together.

Reserve your seat here to exponentially increase your income, impact and fun in the next twelve months.

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