Did you get it?

I did.

I took a quick trip to Seattle for a second Christmas with my grandsons around the 1st of the year and brought home a cough.

At first, I blamed it on allergies. Then cold weather.

But it’s hanging on. And getting in the way.

I have a lot to do….

But my body is asking me to treat it gently. To stop and rest during the day. To listen to what it wants to eat and feed it well, vs quickly swallowing whatever is convenient. To slow down and examine what is working and what is not.

This is where it’s leading me: I’m retiring a coaching program that has worked well for my clients but has lost its sparkle for me. I’m just letting it go! In its place, I’m designing something new, incorporating all the juiciness of everything I’ve learned this past year. (I’ll be sharing it all at the Magical Biz Builders Playground). I’m super jazzed by it!

That happens to all of us as entrepreneurs.

We have a product or service that is amazing. Then the world evolves and we have to evolve with it. And to evolve, you must stop and listen.

I’m thinking that is the message my body is sending. Just listen more. Stop running full tilt into the wind. This is, in mythology, the dark time of going inward. When Persephone goes back to be the queen of the underworld.Learning to be intentional in your business with the Kickass Business Coach

This year, as I plan my calendar, I’m being more intentional about being in sync with my internal flow. I’m planning my launches, my client retreats, my events with lots of space between them to be, to listen, to hear the whisperings of my highest self. I’m letting her energy guide my decisions.

Then, I’ll let my gung-ho, Kickass, divine masculine take over and implement all the plans.

This, to me, feels like a more honoring, and ultimately, sustainable way of doing business.

In this season of introspection, I encourage you to take time to stop and listen.

What about your business still brings you joy? What has become stale? What should you let go of? What can be beefed up?

Listen without attachment to anything that may pop up for you. Know that you are held and safe. That trusting your own inner guidance first is the best path to a life and a business of joy, success, and happiness.

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