The countdown is on to the Magical Biz Builders Playground.

I’m super excited and deep into planning the most transformational biz building event I’ve ever produced.MBBPlayLogo_forweb

I’m waking up at night with new exercises leaping fully developed into my head and can’t take a full shower without jumping out to write down a thought.

There is something magical about being in a room with like-minded people. The energy starts to flow, making space for the creative feminine to show up in a big way. New ways of doing business and innovative solutions dance into the room.

But just being inspired isn’t enough. Without specific plans and strategies, nothing becomes reality.

That’s why not only will we be tapping into our creative feminine energy, I will share specific strategies to implement your ideas, so you can attract more perfect clients and MAKE MORE MONEY!

And, Ladies, making money is why we are in business!

Before the fun starts, there are three things I want you to know.

  1. You deserve abundance. You are amazing. You hold an incredible and unique power and the world needs you. Money needs you, people need you. You have a divine message that only you can tell, and it needs to be told. Only you can do the work that you were made to do.
  1. Tune in to your body. The Playground is just a few weeks away. I have a long to-do list. But I have been sick for most of the month of January. I have a couple of choices.  I can get stressed out. I can work myself into the ground despite being sick. (been there.. not helpful.)
    Or I can look inside and see what my body is trying to tell me. My voice is changing, growing stronger with my message. My mind has rested, opened, and it has allowed me to gain so much clarity for this event. You have to learn to tune in to your body and find out where it is directing you.
  1. Find balance between your divine feminine and masculine. You are struck with a great idea. Your feminine awakens, creativity and energy start pouring out. Your masculine steps in. He makes plans, figures logistics, does the work.Without the feminine you get burnt out and discouraged. Without the masculine you get nothing done. Both are vital to the success of your business.

At the Playground, we are digging deeply into all three truths.

If you haven’t reserved your seat, what are you waiting for? The time is now. This is your year to step into your highest self and make more money than you ever have.

Reserve your seat NOW!

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