Breath is such a simple, and yet profound, thing.

When a baby is born, everyone waits to hear the first breath, the first cry, signifying that the child is OK.

When someone dies, we talk about their last breath.

Breath is the sign we’ve entered the world, and lack of breath says we’ve left the world.

Recently, I was doing some ritual breath work. I noticed that my back began to ache. It was painful!

Instead of fighting it, I chose to simply be with the pain. I noticed my body lying on the floor, the palms of my hands touching the blanket I had under me. I noticed the pain radiating from my back.

I hear you,” I thought. “I hear you, body.”

And then, I slid on my breath into the spiritual realm, where my highest self welcomed me with open arms.

I am here,” she said. “I am here with you. Know that you are loved.”

Then, with another breath, I slid back into the physical and noticed again the pain in my back. I spent an hour sliding back-and-forth through the spiritual plane and back to the physical realm.

I realized how simple it is to pass between the spiritual, nonphysical world and the solid, physical space we inhabit. Earlier that day I had been chiding myself for not spending more time in meditation and reflection. I was being shown is that it doesn’t have to take hours to connect. It can happen in a moment.

In business, taking the moment can make all the difference.

Instead of charging headlong into that meeting; into writing your next blog post; into a sales call, pause. Take a breath. Connect with your highest self, the part of you that is in communication with source, your higher power.

Breathe in the essence of who you truly are, under your fears and worries.

Breathe, knowing that you bring value to the world, to your perfect clients.

Breathe and make an invitation to source that you be used for the highest good of all.

Breathe out an invitation that your perfect clients, the ones you are meant to serve, can follow right back to you.

Breathe, in gratitude that you are here, in this great soup of humanity, all breathing together.

Check out today’s podcast to hear more about breathing out an invitation to attract your right clients.

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