A couple of weeks ago I sent you a message about how the energy of the world is shifting.

Since I said it, the world has responded. Sometimes I feel that the earth is actually moving under my feet. (Technically, it is moving, right?)

With all these shifts, I’ve got something to reveal that feels vulnerable.

In the past few weeks I’ve come to see you, even more, as a world changing, kickass biz building, soul sister.


I know how scary it is for you to acknowledge having the power to change the world.

I know how your stomach knots when you think about how big, how important your mission is.

The fear is that you may not be enough, you may not know enough. Your inner saboteur says, “Who do I think I am. Let’s just keep the biz small and enjoy the little rewards. It’s too risky to claim more.”

I know because you are a mirror for me, as I am for you.

I have visions of you across time. So while I see you in the future standing on a stage sharing your heart and your messages with hundreds, I also see you now hiding in the shadows afraid to step out. And I see myself when I was afraid to step out of the shadows.

For a while in my business, I coached biz women “around their whole life.” I was afraid to even say I coach on business. Geesh!

Then I learned marketing and all I talked about was strategy. When clients started working with me, they were delighted to discover that I did a whole lot more than just strategy.

I kept hearing, “Wow, that was not what I thought it was going to be.”

My clients expected a very masculine, a.b.c. strategy plan. First, do this, then this, then this.

And what they got was a deep dive into the emotional blocks and unconscious beliefs that kept them stuck. Today I teach an array of methods that include saboteur transformation, inner child healing and connection with the higher self, along with all the marketing strategy.

All of that opens up the energy for my clients to attract. They vibrate in resonance with their mission.

  • Marketing is easier.
  • Attracting clients is easier.
  • Making money is easier.

I do AWESOME work.

But, until recently, I was afraid to talk about it.

Which pretty much tanked my marketing.

IMG_5059The more that I’m willing to say that I not only help you find marketing strategies that work for your unique business, but I also walk side by side with you into the well of your deepest fear to transform and heal your soul so that your business works, the more successful I become.

And so I’m sharing the thing I’ve been most afraid to say. I am a Business Shaman.

This is my calling. This is what
I know about you:

You have a deeper calling than you are currently expressing in the world.

But you are safe here.

I see your greatness.

I invite you to step out of the shadows. Claim it now.

Please share in the comments what your calling is:

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