I opened my journal today and wrote: “I feel overwhelmed. I need to write a newsletter. My planned podcast for tomorrow needs to change. I want to finish my new free gift. I want to design a marketing campaign for the new marketing class. Argggg.”

The world, sometimes, feels so big and overwhelming. My mission is somewhere, out there, in the future. My life too chaotic, too busy….

I hear a whisper, “come home, breathe, come home”.


I stop.

I take a deep breath and another.

I feel my feet on the ground. Imagine invisible roots connecting me to mother earth, feeling her energy flowing upward, supporting me, fueling me. The way that she supports all life, with her vibrant, nurturing energy.

I notice as this energy moves upward, through my root chakra into my second chakra, my womb, and sexual organs. I feel the energy move in this creative center. I take a moment, feeling gratitude that I am a creative being. I create my life, my outcomes, my services and products, my business, my home. I remember that I’ve created the busy and I can choose to create peace as well. I can create spaciousness. I can create love and self-care. I am a creator.

I feel the energy move up under my rib cage, into my third chakra. I remember all the gifts I have. I remember I’m a magical business shaman. I remember all the things I’m really, really good at. I remember that I am worthy, I am strong, I am powerful, I am loved.

I focus on my heart, my fourth chakra. I am filled with tenderness for those in my life, my husband, my family, my friends, and clients. And for those who helped me learn the lessons I came into this life to learn. I extend the olive branch of love even to those who hurt me. Because without those wounds, I would not have learned the skills I have now. The skills I use to guide my tribe to awakening.

I lift my head.

I feel the gentle, powerful love that Source has for me, flowing down like a soft rain. I acknowledge that there is something greater than me. In Source we are all connected. We are all the creators of our collective experience. We are not alone.

I feel this love as I open my sixth chakra, in the middle of my forehead. This is the channel of seeing the unseen. I see the unseen guides that are here to support me, the spirits of our ancestors cheering me on, the essence of my tribe waiting for me to step up this day. I acknowledge them. I am here.

I feel the energy of love flow into my throat, my fifth chakra. Opening the channels of my voice, the words that I want to say.

I breathe as the energy of the earth and the love of source merge in my heart, filling me with light and love.

I extend that love out to you… and write this love letter.

May you know, in this moment, that you are loved. You are powerful beyond measure. You have a lifetime of experiences that have brought you to this perfect moment.

I see the greatness in you.

I see that you are also a creator, a world changer.

I see that you have been holding back out of fear, not fully stepping into your mission.

The time is now.

In this moment: stop, breathe, feel the opening of your energy channels. Feel love. Speak your truth.

Your tribe is waiting.

*** You can listen to a guided meditation of the process I describe above on today’s podcast***


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