I attended a retreat with my conscious business colleagues in November.

It was the final retreat of a year-long program, and the facilitators turned the final day over to an amazing man, Jeffrey Van Dyk.

Jeffrey began the day by saying, “Your wounds are the training program for your purpose. Your life experiences have given you a life PhD in understanding the ins and outs of your ideal tribe and how to deliver the transformation they crave.”

This was intriguing…

We went on that day to explore our own core wounds and how they reflected the wounds of our tribe. We had stepped through the looking glass into Wonderland, and I was seeing myself and my trouble spots in a whole new light. I suddenly understood my clients much more deeply.

I was so taken with this work that I reached out to Jeffrey. “If you ever teach how to do this work I want to learn.”

He called me back a few months later to say that he was handpicking the first eight people to ever certify as Tribal Marketing Practitioners and he’d like to invite me to be one of them. I jumped at the chance. Since then it’s beenkids-holding-hands a massive journey through my own wounds and a deeper understanding of exactly who I am meant to serve.

I’m afraid of my own power at a pretty fundamental level. When I was seven years old we moved into a haunted house. I could sense the spirits in the room. But this knowledge was not at all socially acceptable. I knew instinctively that my ability to make friends depended on my skill at fitting in. And weirdos who see spirits and sense energy don’t often fit in with normal people.

Plus, my mom made it very clear that she didn’t want to hear about it.

I so craved wanting to fit in that I spent most of my life creating communities that I can belong to. I started my coaching practice so that I could foster a community of people who were awake to the power of the unseen, who could also sense there was more to reality than what we could physically see.

I was so excited to explore these wounds as a new teaching modality. What I didn’t count on was that the universe would send me multiple experiences to confirm and emphasize the lesson.

It shows up in my marketing. 3 years ago, my newsletters were flat out technical biz building know-how. Good info, but a little flat.

If you’ve been on my list for a while you’ve seen me slowly come out of the closet and shine a light on my magic. It took a lot of courage to do that. I was afraid that everyone would judge me as a freaky weirdo. That I wouldn’t fit.

But it’s that very magic, the ability to step into the unseen world to clear blocks and open the pathways of abundance, that allows me to create amazing results for my clients.

So, yeah, kind of an important piece.

The thing is, you didn’t judge me for it. As a matter of fact, a lot of people reached out to tell me how much they loved it.

That made me braver and eager to dig into my own wounds and see the correlation with the wounds of my tribe. To see that I’m designed to work with a powerful woman who makes a difference in the world.

I was driven by my own wound to start coaching to create a space where seers, like me, could come out of the closet and deliver their divine gifts in the world. Where together, we can create a movement for change in humanity.

Now, I am still sometimes afraid. My wounds pop up. The “I’m not good enough” song plays in my head. (A lot!) I listen, but now I’m not listening so that it stops me.

I’m listening so that I can better understand the people that I’m supposed to be serving. The ones who are powerful magic makers yet are afraid of what will happen if they let the world know. The ones that listen to the “I’m not good enough” song themselves.

Because I know, that my purpose is to show them how to transform their fear, step onto the world stage, and make a big impact (and lots of money). My job is to lead them to their soul’s knowledge that they are not the wound, not the voice of “not good enough.”

They are, you are, exactly what the world needs.

When you reveal your hidden gifts, you will change the planet.

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