On retreat last week on the magical Hawaiian Island of Kauai was transformative. I want to share with you my thoughts from my journey:

Yesterday, I was out of my comfort zone, completely exposed. My shame, my body, my insecurities all were on display.

And the earth, muddy from the rains, holding me, supporting me.

Knowing, even in my discomfort that I am supported. I am loved. I don’t have to know it all, do it all.

All I need is to connect. I feel the energy of mother earth rise up through my legs, my loins, my center, my heart. .  Love courses through me, through my crown, my third eye, my throat, my heart as I acknowledge the wisdom and enfolding love of Source.

It is only in this way of being that the true power of what I bring to the planet can be expressed.

“Wake up, wake up,” she calls to me.

“You are here, in this one precious life, to do this thing. To serve your sisters and brothers, your children and grandchildren and their grandchildren. All together, one family.”

“Standing behind you are your angels and unseen guides, your grandmothers and grandfathers and aunties and uncles. All those that came before. In their true guise of being the guardians of love. Lending support to your deepest purpose.”

I am aligned with this purpose.  I feel parts of me that I hid a long time ago – lifetimes ago – coming back, reintegrating.

And I feel you, too.

Wake up my sweet sister. You too, have a powerful purpose.

You can do it. You must do it. The world needs you. I will join you, lending my strength, my knowing, and my faith.

With all my heart,

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