Last Friday we checked into our hotel in Santa Barbara about 9 pm. We knew the town was hopping, didn’t know why.

The next morning we headed to the mall, planning to do a little shopping before the wedding that brought us to town.

We discovered a very busy breakfast café that served a hot, spicy jambalaya. Any day that I get real Cajun jambalaya for any meal is a good one. I was really happy.

But the universe was just starting a day of celebration.

We hopped into Nordstrom’s. No luck with finding an outfit for my upcoming photo shoot. But as we left the store we were greeted with the MOST AMAZING spectacle.

6.30.16 celebrate 1It was the annual Solstice parade.

Greek Gods and Goddess paraded past carrying beach balls the size of a VW Bug, made to look like the planets. They were followed by Roman soldiers and a tall Trojan horse. The petite soldier in the horse waved and then held her finger to her lip signaling that we shouldn’t give her hiding place away.

Dancers from Brazil, Molin Rouge and more shimmed down the street. Paul Bu6.30.16 celebrate 2nyan with Blue, a pirate ship and pirates, a giant flamingo filled in the spaces between.

And everyone exuded joy and happiness.

It was a luscious, sensual feminine dance.

And then we drove a few blocks down the road to my stepson’s wedding.

I was put in charge of keeping our 1-year-old grandson happy during the service. Peach puffs and a sippy cup did the job. Plus, I got lots of little cuddles.

From the back of the church, our 2 & 4-year-old  6.30.16 celebrate 3 granddaughters had many questions. “Why is Papa bald?” “When does the kissing start?” “Can we dance now?” “How long until we have cake?”

On our walk to the reception, with the bride and groom leading the wedding party, we were cheered by a bus/boat vehicle of happy tourist.

The dancing started as soon as we entered the restaurant. We danced and danced and danced.

It was a magical day of pure celebration. My heart is still sighing with joy.

It made me think of all the times we don’t celebrate. The moments that get lost in checking off the task sheet and moving on to the next thing quickly.

We are not made to be machines, moving from task to task. My feminine soul wants to celebrate. My business wants work to be play. My body wants to dance each day.

This is the feminine way of building a business. Doing must be done. But it must be done as a support for the joyous, creative feminine bubbling up in us, dancing its way into reality.

I challenge you to take time away from your to-do list today. Dance a little. Invite your business to whisper sweet nothings in your ear. And celebrate everything that you’ve accomplished.

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