In her book “Big Magic” Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the way that ideas come into the world and look for someone to make them a reality. This is why, she explains, sometimes you have a great idea but if you don’t act on it someone else picks it up out of the atmosphere and becomes there’s.

Lately, I’ve been courted by the Art of Feminine Marketing. Like a delicate and strong courtesan, she has wrapped her delicate limbs around my soul and taken hold.

I’ve been seduced by her gentle, determined strength. My business has become both softer and more powerful.

I’m leaning into my vulnerability and allowing my kickass, get-it-done masculine energy to support the wild, creative, sensual feminine that is stirring. The recent Freedom Biz Giveaway was just one example of how my business is different because I’m practicing the Art of Feminine Marketing.

In years past I chose my experts based on the size of their list, the reputation, and how well their offered programs fit with mine. This year all of those things mattered, but they weren’t the starting place for my planning.

Before I invited anyone to join the Freedom Biz Giveaway, I spent some time in a sacred circle talking with my business about what she wanted me to share with the world.

I centered myself, walked an inner soul labyrinth, then asked the energy of my business to join me. In my mind, this energy is a soft glow, sometimes gold, sometimes green. This time, she showed up as a strong, pulsating, gold light. My business was excited about the chance to connect with more people, and to play with my peers.

After that conversation, I reached out to a short list of experts, people who would bring something really awesome to the table.

And then other experts started showing up. Someone that I hadn’t talked to in a few months would suddenly reached out to see how I was doing, or show up in my Facebook feed after being absent for months. I would attend an event and meet exactly the right person to fill a slot. A few discovered the event from their networks and reached out to me to ask if they could be part of it.

I was busy doing my part, building the opt-in page, writing promo emails, And spirit was doing her part. Bringing exactly the right people into my line of vision so I could invite them to participate. The stress of previous years involved in finding exactly the right people evaporated. They showed up for me because I did the feminine spiritual work before I sent invitations. It was an amazing event!

In the same way, every piece of designing and building the event flowed as if they were divinely inspired; because they were.

Then, my business gave me another message. “This way of doing business,” she said, sending tingles throughout my body, should be shared.”


So I am sharing, with the very first “Art of Feminine Marketing” Teleclass.


In just 60 minutes you will learn:


  • Tips to activate your Feminine Power Centers, making you more creative, better at solving problems and more able to think outside the box.
  • How to be dangerously different, designing your business to reflect your soul’s purpose and your unique magic, while freeing you from the ‘Shoulds’ of Male Dominated Marketing.
  • The clues to clearly discover your exact right clients so you stop wasting your time trying to sell to the wrong people – or worse trying to serve an audience that doesn’t understand you.
  • Adapting “proven marketing strategy” to a super sexy, life-giving way that magnetizes new clients and opens the floodgates to more income.


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