I just spent two weeks in Kauai. The first, exploring with my husband. The second, on retreat with some amazing clients. This is us, on the beach by our condo, on our last day (just before the Tropical Storm blew in.)

kauai retreat

I love the warning signs in the background of the picture. We had positioned ourselves to get only ocean. Then a nice man offered to take the picture for us and he captured the danger flags. He must have sensed the power that was unleashed during our retreat and unconsciously added a warning. I love this!!!!!

It’s true. These are powerful women. They dare to be different, to build businesses from the Feminine. To ignore the dream stealers and gurus who say “do it this way.” And to let their souls lead.

They are changing the world. Making it more joyful, creative and prosperous.

As I reintegrated back into my everyday life, I found myself rushing to get ‘caught up’. So this afternoon I took space to listen to my business.

This is her message:

I need you to be quiet

To soften your approach to the day

It is not to be conquered or gotten through

It is to be savored

To be danced in

To be loved

Sacred, sensual, Goddess

Dance aliveness

Dance joy

Give space for me to emerge

For me to show myself

You do not have to be ahead

You do not have to know it all

I ask only that you be a vessel

Through which I can flow

Blessing those in your tribe

In your world

I ask only that you allow my voice to be heard

I am calling for a new way

A new world

Kindness, belonging, & joy

So I will stop now. I will dance and draw and see what wants to be birthed.

I will feel gratitude and joy.

What is your business asking of you today?

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