I’m still celebrating the fantastic retreat I led in Kauai.

Here are my Mastermind clients with their “Feminine Business Plans” that we created at the event:

a1 plan

And another expressing their sexy feminine power during our cultural outing to a yummy luau:a2 luau

I’m very proud of the work they did and how they are implementing their plans now that we have been back for a week.

My clients seriously ROCK!

While in Kauai my coach sent me a note: “Let me know if I can be of support for retreat.”

I felt grateful and supported.

And yet there was a moment when my wounds were triggered, and I wasn’t sure how to deal with something that came up. (Clients who were there… this is NOT the moment you think it is. Spirit had that moment covered.)

I remember thinking, “I’m not telling my coach about this.”

I was going to use my old coping mechanism and hide! From someone I was paying to help me.

So I didn’t ask for help. I worked through it myself. But it could have been easier, better, healthier. It would have made me stronger to ask for assistance, not weaker.

After the retreat my coach asked, “Why didn’t you reach out to me?”

“I was embarrassed,” I responded. As the words left my mouth I realized how deeply embedded is my fear of exposing my imperfection.

Hell, I’m embarrassed to write this email. I’m afraid you’ll think less of me, that my clients who were there will think less of me.

I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t have it all together, all the time.

Because a professional would, right?

And my embarrassment, got in the way of asking for help.

Fortunately, my soul is clear. Spirit took over, the retreat was fabulous, and I had another chance to see how our wounds affect us and the people around us. I was able to see that the answer can be as easy as one little text, one little phone call.

I got over myself pretty quickly and openly shared this with my coach. Today, I’m committed to looking at where I’m not accepting help that is offered and where I’m not reaching out for tune-ups in the moment.

My wounds don’t define me. They simply show the path to the next level of growth. For me and for my tribe.

I’m being called to share this experience and encourage you to reach out.

None of us has it all together, all the time.

There is no need to pretend that all is perfect.

Your wounds don’t define you, and they can lead you to some important information.

Receive assistance to boost you to your next level.

From me or from someone else.

Ask and receive.


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