On Saturday, my husband and I took my best friend since high school on a little hike into Yosemite. At a turn in the trail, we saw a group of people standing and gawking at something.

“Let’s get ahead of that group so we don’t have to breathe their dust,” said my husband, marching forward.

Then, one of the gawkers turned, put a finger to her lips to shush us and, in an impromptu, hilarious, “universal code” for bear, puffed out her cheeks and held her arms out in a circle while mouthing ‘BEAR’.

We tip-toed into the group and saw her just a few feet ahead of us:


200 pounds of beautiful California Black Bear busy munching away on berries, completely unmoved by the 20 humans who stood spell bound.

In case you are worried about my recklessness, let me reassure you. There was a park ranger in the group. I stood behind the ranger, as Bear and I sent one another a quiet blessing. When our ranger said it was time to go back up the trail, I obeyed immediately.

Today I’m still buzzing with Bear magic.

Bear energy is about strength and confidence. Taking a stand for your people.

Bear is also a healer. In some Native American tribes, Bear is the totem for shaman, especially women.

Part of Bear’s healing is directed inward. Bears spend a lot of time eating, getting ready for the winter.

When I meditate on the energy of Bear, she tells me, “Do you see how I was taking care of myself? That is what you need to do. Fuel your soul. Take time to meditate. Get real.

I am not about those that sit and stare at me. I am about preparing for winter. Protecting my cubs, and enjoying the bounty of the Valley.

I am unafraid. I know my own power.”

I was reminded today of the time, as a girl, when my brothers were rewarded for bringing their grades up from Fs to C-. With no acknowledgement that I had never earned anything less than a B.

I was outraged at the injustice. It was one of the few times that I can remember confronting my parents. I gathered up all the Bear energy in me and said, “That is just not fair!”

Acknowledging the oversight, my parents agreed to reward me as well. And so, even though my deepest desire was to own my own typewriter, I received a new 22 rifle.

I loved that rifle because it put me on the same playing field as the boys, who also got new guns. Something that rarely happened in my family. But I would have been over the moon to have had a typewriter (and used it a lot more). I didn’t understand my power or my value at the time. And so I tried to be like the boys

Bear reminds us, we don’t have to play the game of pretending to be one of the boys anymore. Those days are over.

We women entrepreneurs are powerful healers and beings. By exploring the gifts in our wounds, we heal our soul. When we heal, we no longer have to revisit the old wounds.

Bear reminds me that being a powerful woman doesn’t mean you have to give up your feminine longing for what the boys want.

 You don’t have to play the business game like a man. You don’t have to follow the well-worn trail of other’s marketing strategies. You only need to be in the dance between your creative feminine soul, who will guide you to new and innovative strategies, and your action-oriented divine masculine energy, who will implement those strategies for you.

Bear reminds me that the greatest success comes in following your soul’s guidance, and it is as natural as eating berries and ignoring gawkers.

Today I am wishing you a visit from your Bear energy.

From the heart of Yosemite:




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