I was on my way to the airport and, while my husband drove, I had a coaching call with one of my mentors.

How will you leverage your giveaway event?” She asked.

“Oh, you know,” I answered. “I’ll do a drip, offer a strategy session. The normal stuff.”

I think you can do more,” she responded. ** Note to self, no coaching calls on the way to a vacation!

“I probably can,” I responded.

We decided I should lead a teleclass right after the event ended.

Easy, breezy. I know what I teach and can do it in my sleep.

But I needed to write promotions. And an outline. And think about handouts.

No Problem!

I whipped out the promotions on the plane to Hawaii. My husband edited them the next morning before we started our adventure. I sent them off to my VA to load into my email system.


The last morning in Hawaii I sat down and whipped out my outline for the class. Saved it and went off to play.


I got home, set up my computer and microphone, and the next day delivered my content.

No one showed up. I later learned that none of them got the reminder emails…


But that was ok. I would send the recording out to those that registered.

Then the call didn’t record. Despite all the right buttons being pushed.

It was clear that something else was going on.

I stopped. Centered myself and went into a meditation.

“What happened there?” I asked.

The answer was immediate. “I can’t be treated that way,” the energy of my business responded. “I can’t be ‘whipped out’ in a linear fashion. This new way, the feminine way of doing business needs time, needs space, needs to develop. I want to be romanced and loved. Not gotten out of the way. I need you to breathe and dance and create.”

The message was clear. The old way of doing business won’t work for me anymore. The old way of writing, the old way of planning are ineffective. I can no longer work just with my masculine energy.Checkered-Chromatic-Dancing-Woman-800px

I don’t believe you can either.

It’s clear that it’s time to embrace our feminine soul.

In doing so, we have more power to create a business that truly serves our purpose and make a ton of money doing it.

I’ve spent the weeks since my return dancing with my business.

Last night I presented the “teleclass” live, in a completely different format than what I had originally planned. It was organic, authentic, interactive and magical.

I saw people nodding as they connected the dots, understanding that business can be nurturing and make money. That logic and timelines have a place, AFTER the feminine creative, intuitive part of us speaks. That creating your marketing from connecting with your soul is more productive and profitable.

So take some time today and connect with the energy of your business.

Does it need you to dance?

Does it need you to breathe?

Or does it need you to get out the calendar and set deadlines for action?

Then do that.
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