This feels a little dangerous to share..

I attended a workshop last weekend about doing “Wounds Work. (*see note at end to learn more about wounds work).

Source provided lots of material for digging in, from the house we were originally going to use becoming damaged and unusable, to the condition of the new house with holes in the walls and falling down curtain rods (not shown in the rental pictures), to the chef disappearing after lunch the first day and never returning.

And more.

It was a really beautiful reflection of how ready we were to dig into some big stuff, and open our own wounds to healing.

It also led to a huge, loud, laying bare of the wound of the collective feminine, which asks the collective masculine:

 “Why didn’t you love all of me? The magic in me? The power in me? The innocence in me?”

“Why didn’t you protect me? Why didn’t you see the danger for me? Why didn’t you keep me safe?”

 “Why did you let them burn me at the stake? Why did you let them paw at me at the party? Why did you participate in the catcalls when I walked by?”

“Why did I have to hide? Cover myself? Pretend to be nice so you would like me?”

And the women in the room, my side-by sisters, my fellow lionesses, gave voice to these collective, universal questions.

I feel the rage of the feminine. The power in that anger. I feel the fear of being visible, because visible makes you a target.  I feel the intense longing to be fully accepted and honored for all that I am.

And then, I feel the collective wound of the masculine in response:

 “We didn’t know. We don’t know how. We don’t understand the danger you’ve been in just by being out in the world. We cannot read your mind to know what you need.”

I feel the masculine’s pain. The shock of not knowing the needs of the feminine. The longing to be of service, and yet, not having models.

And deep inside of me a Goddess calls out. “Burn it down. Burn it all down. The way we have done business in the past. The way we have run countries. Burn it down.”

It no longer serves ANYONE.

I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that there must be a different way. I know that women must be allowed a voice. I know that to join feminine and masculine energy men must honor women’s voices.

I know that as women we must begin to state what we want, what we need and what we shall have from this life.

I know that marketing must come from the fire of our souls, created by the union of masculine and feminine.

I just had a photo shoot for new headshots. Going over them with a friend she said, “Some of these are so sexy. Not business like.”

YES! Because I’m not fucking going to do business the old way anymore.

I’m going to be a catalyst for burning down the old ways of thinking that masculine and feminine energies are adversaries and antagonists. Women, embrace your masculine and Men, embrace your feminine, integrate and women will never have ask and men will never feel the need to push back.

I’m going to be a channel for a new paradigm that is sensual, and fluid, and honoring and a little bit dangerous. I’m going the challenge the need for a three – part funnel and champion swirling flow strategy plans.

Plans that allow for the feminine to dance and the masculine to serve her will.

And I’m going to make requests of the men in my life. I’m going to teach them how to treat me, protect me, and give me space to be me.

I’m so committed to healing these wounds that I’m willing to cuss in an email to you.

Who is with me? Shall we change business, and in the process, change the world?

What is Wounds Work in Relation to Feminine Marketing?

Feminine Marketing encourages you to look inward at the skills you’ve been developing your whole life, and how those skills serve your tribe.


Throughout your life you’ve had wounding incidences.


This stuff hurts. You make up things about yourself, “I am less valuable because I am a girl”, that you spend your whole life trying to disprove. Your motivation is wound driven vs. being driven by the truth that your soul knows.


The wound becomes the catalyst to help you develop unique skills as you cope. It holds the keys to knowing exactly what your ideal clients need from you.


Because wounding is so painful, most people shy away from examining their wounds closely and miss the gifts. However, the coping skills are exactly what your perfect tribe needs to solve their deepest pain.  In other words, your wounds are  training  you to do your best work in the world.


To learn more about wounds work and how it can skyrocket your success, schedule a complimentary “Business Assessment” call with me. We will talk about where you are in your business, where you want to be, and I’ll make some recommendations for moving forward.


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