The days are still warm but the evenings are nippy.

I’m thinking about a warm kitty on my lap and putting the electric blanket back on my bed.

Fall is definitely just around the corner.

It’s the time of year when Persephone returns to her role as the Queen of the underworld, guiding lost souls into the next life. The trees soon drop their leaves and  flowers retreat back into their dormant state to await her return.

My Inner Goddess Witch is encouraging me to turn inward as well. To enter more fully into the dream phase of creation, guiding my business to the next stage of being.

When I close my eyes at night I see images of  circles of women, doing amazing work and  practicing the Art of Feminine Marketing. I  focus on how it  feels to  facilitate this deep, business and life changing work. I celebrate the success of both my current and future clients. I imagine a world where women are  true to their whole selves in business and  are respected and successful because of that.

I’m asking, “What do I need to do today, to make my vision manifest itself in the world.”

And the answers are coming in unconventional and magical ways.

This morning I was preparing to run paperwork to my new mortgage broker. I would have just a few minutes to drop everything off before leaving for a client appointment.

I rushed out the door only to discover that my car battery was dead.


I hooked up the battery charger… (Yes, I have my own charger because I’ve done this before) and went back into the house to wait.

An hour later the car was ready to go. But because I had that interruption in my plan, delivering my paperwork would have to be the last errand of the day, not the first. So instead of just dropping it off, I got a chance to talk to my mortgage broker.

We chatted about our schedules and the conversation wound its way around to my annual live event.
“I probably won’t have it at the same place as last year,” I told her. “I was disappointed in the room and the construction right outside of the room.”

Which led her to make a couple of great suggestions. One was so out of the box that someone else might not have even thought of it,  and it was perfect magic. Exactly the kind of location I’ve been looking for to host this event. Definitely not a traditional closed in hotel space.  I love the idea. My team will be checking it out first thing next week to see if it’s doable. (And I’ll share the details with you if it is.)

The thing is, we would not have had time for this conversation if my car had worked the way it’s supposed to.

I’m starting to see that everything is a gift, it’s all inter-related. If I can see a dead battery for the gift that it is, what else could be possible?

This flow is the essence of Feminine Marketing. Allow what is to be without judgment. Shift as necessary. And see that it’s all a gift.

Wishing you a gifted week!

PS…Please share something from your business that looked like a problem, but turned into a great gift…And if you’ve got something that you are having a hard time seeing as a gift, let me know. Perhaps together, we can shift it for you.

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