It’s been an amazing couple of weeks.

First, a week in Sedona with my mentor and side-by sisters, drumming, breathing, calling forth more of my Highest Self.

Followed a week later by facilitating a retreat on the beach for my wild, wonderful, world changing Mastermind clients. We mined their wounding patterns to learn more about their ideal clients, dived into the mystery of feminine creativity, crafted signature talks and filmed speaker’s reels to get their messages out in the world.

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It was two weeks of focused connection with Source, allowing the Divine Feminine to flow through me, marinating in the love of sisterhood.

And then, on our weekly commute to our mountain home, my husband turned on the presidential debate.

I hesitate to write this, not wanting to make political commentary. And this is not about what candidate you should vote for. In an imperfect world, with imperfect people, there are plenty of people willing to tell you who should get your vote.

This is about one statement that made my heart weep.

I’ve tried to think of something else to write about, but this statement keeps running through my head:

“It was just locker room talk.”

I spent 20 years in an abusive marriage, and was counseled upon leaving that “It wasn’t that bad. You should just put up with it”. So, I have a deep, cellular response to this excuse.

What we see on our national stage is a mirror for what is happening in our society.

When masculine energy is at its lowest form, it bullies and abuses. **

In my first marriage I responded the only way I knew how, I became a victim. I got what I needed to survive by sneaking around the edges. My clothes came from Costco so they could be included in the grocery bill. I sought validation by being the biggest volunteer in my community. I once asked outright for a compliment and was told, “If I say something nice, how will you know what is wrong with you.” I learned not to ask.

Feminine energy at its lowest, is manipulative and sneaky. With a few very notable exceptions, women of power tend to have worked in the shadows. To do otherwise, was to risk death.

I see this shadow feminine playing out on the national stage as well.

We are entering a new era of being. Light is being thrown on the shadows in a very public way. It is calling us, women of power, to step up and say, “No More”.

We will no longer tolerate bullying and intimidation.

We will no longer keep ourselves in shadow out of fear.

We will let our power show (even when it scares the shit out of us) and in that we will regain our clarity about our purpose, our mission and how to change the world for the good of all.

We will hold the masculine, and the men in our lives to higher standard.

We will love them unconditionally while refusing to be subjected.

We will invite them into a new kind of partnership believing in their ability to evolve with us.

We will honor the divine feminine in us, giving her the space and time to create.

We will love and respect the divine masculine in us, allowing him to bring to physical reality that which the feminine dreams.

We will ask, every time, not “what can I get?” but “What will bring me into my highest good?”

** Note: The definition of low masculine as bully, low feminine as victim are based on the works of Tim Kelly and Jeffrey Van Dyk

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