It’s been a tough couple of days.

We returned home from a wonderful Thanksgiving week with my son and his family to discover that one of our fur babies had been throwing up while we were gone.

We quickly identified the sick one and took her to the vet.

I love my, kitty. But this is an FIV positive cat with an already shortened life span. Whatever she had could be the start of a long, painful descent. I couldn’t do that. But I didn’t want to make the decision to put her down.

And so I got on a call with one of my mentors and I cried.

“I don’t want to make this about a cat,” I said. “But I’m sad.

“Breathe,” he said.

As I breathed, I realized that this year has been an amazing transformation for me. Lots of things are coming to me easily. I have a new flow in my business that feels amazing. And Source only wants the best for me.

So there must be a gift in the experience I was having.

“I need to remember,” I said, “that even in flow, it’s not always easy. There is still a pull toward collapsing with emotion. To forgetting how supported I am.

The only reason that I’m able to see this as a gift is that I’ve done all this work on my inner landscape. And the only reason that I’ve been able to make shifts is that I’ve had great mentors.

And even when life gets rough, I choose my future.”

I cried, I breathed, I sent love into her little kitty body.

I remembered how hard it was to build my business without a mentor. How it wouldn’t grow. How something like this would have taken me out of the game for days. I thought about the times I had reached out and asked for help. How I learned what I didn’t know in order to grow not only my business but my spiritual self.

I decided to ask for what I needed as a kitty mom, the same way I asked for outside help with growing my biz.

I asked and my soul-family sent love, prayers, healing light. They didn’t tell me my problem was too small. It was just a cat. They simply responded.

Pippa started to improve. No surgery and she is home now continuing to get well.

I am grateful.

And I understand the lesson.

Life can be difficult. No matter how ‘evolved’ you are, shit happens. Sometimes you need outside help to hold your hand, send you love, and pray.

Business can be difficult. No matter how successful you are, you can only see what you have always seen. Sometimes you need someone outside of your current reality to show you what is possible, to hold your hand as you step into the next level.

Sometimes, it takes a tribe

Your current reality is old news. It is a reflection of what you have known. There is more to be revealed to you in order to grow the next level of freedom and wealth.

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